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Lactose intolerance--including a 6 month follow-up--see below

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This experience is reported by newcomer Larry Stewart, D.C.H. Shirley (Larry's wife) has had severe lactose intolerance for over 10 years. However, after Larry helps her with a few minutes of EFT she is able to eat all kinds of milk products with no problem whatsoever.

To my understanding, lactose intolerance is considered impossible (or nearly impossible) to alleviate using conventional means. The conventional understanding (I got this from an encyclopedia) is that once an adult has lost the ability to digest lactose (a kind of sugar found only in milk) s/he must stay away from milk products for the rest of his/her life....or....suffer from diarrhea and gastric distress in a big way. This has been Shirley's plight. Until recently she wouldn't go near milk products.

This is a real head scratcher.

Think about it. If the true cause of lactose intolerance is a lack of digestive enzymes, then did Shirley suddenly produce the enzymes she had been missing for years? What are the odds of that happening and if it did happen....then, how? Did EFT build enzymes for her? Did it reduce some latent emotional issues that were suppressing the enzymes? Is lactose intolerance really a digestive problem or might it be a physical manifestation of an unresolved emotional issue?

Perhaps this whole thing was just a coincidence and thus Shirley simply had a "spontaneous remission" that just happened to coincide with the application of EFT (some people might suggest this possibility, by the way). Maybe the "milk gremlins" went on strike leaving Shirley with normal digestion for awhile. Maybe we have better cows now.

Who knows?

Whatever really happened behind the scenes is open to study and speculation. No one knows for sure about the "why" of all this. The nice thing about it, though, is that we can continue to achieve these heartwarming successes while trying to figure out what is really going on

Hugs, Gary

P.S. Even though some of these events are personal, both Larry and Shirley are willing to share them, without disguising identities. They do this, of course, in the interest of helping others. Gratitude to them both.

by Larry Stewart, D.C.H.


EFT has worked for so many things, why not try the impossible. For more than a decade, my wife has had severe lactose intolerance. Even small amounts of lactose cause diarrhea, gas, pain and embarrassment. I've tried hypnosis for the problem, to no avail. So we decided to give EFT a try.

I told her to buy some ice cream (she hasn't had any in years because of what it does to her). We chose Friday morning (Christmas Eve) for the tapping so that if it didn't work, she would be close to the toilet for three days.

We dished the ice cream and I had her look at the bowl of "Chocolate Truffle". She rated her anxiety about eating it at an 8. We tapped until that was zero. Then picked up other aspects (fear, silliness, etc) for another 5 minutes. Once it seemed as though we covered everything, she enjoyed that bowl of ice cream and braced herself for the worst.

The first hour passed. Wow. No problem.

Then half the day passed. Double Wow! Still no problem.

In the afternoon, she went out and ran some errands. That night for dinner, she had ranch dressing, and ice cream for dessert. Still no problem. Now it has been four full days, and she's had cream of broccoli soup, more ice cream, milk chocolate, and more.

Shirley and I didn't expect to have any results with EFT, based on what we've been told about the condition. As we understand it, a person only has "so many" enzymes in their life time, and once you use them up, that's it. You body can't produce any more. Based on this belief, I knew EFT probably wouldn't work, but it only takes a few minutes, so why not try it?

Those of us without this problem take these things for granted, but my wife has been set free. I hope this inspires someone else to become free of unnecessary pain, discomfort and embarrassment.

Larry Stewart, D.C.H.

Follow-up 6 months later

Hi Gary!

Almost six months ago I reported our success using EFT for my wife's Lactose Intolerance. She had this dreaded problem for about a decade before addressing it with EFT. Since then, she has had no more problems with lactose. She still is careful not to overdo milk products (just out of common sense), but regularly indulges in foods that used to cause her much distress, such as pizza, pancakes, ranch dressing and a multitude of seemingly innocent foods that contain milk products or byproducts.

However, there have been some occasions where she has had a similar problem (diarrhea, gas, pain and embarrassment) but after tracking it for several months, there was no connection to lactose. Upon discussing it with her physician, she realized it might be food preservatives. Sure enough, the major culprits turned out to be french fries (most precooked and frozen types that you buy at the store or are served by restaurants), and vegetables (especially salad bars at restaurants). We had her go a couple of weeks avoiding these foods to make sure we knew what the problem was, and then had her test it by eating the suspected food. Sure enough, 20 minutes later, the trouble started. She had the usual "blow-out".

Once we narrowed down the problem, we knew what to tap on. Again, we got a sample of the trouble food (a bag of french fries from the golden arches) and tapped for "the anxiety about the reaction" and for the allergy itself. Once we had the anxiety and concern down to zero, she ate the whole bag. No problem. It's been a week and still no problems. I'll need to follow up this report after a little more time has passed, but it appears that EFT eliminated this food allergy too. You don't know what a relief this is to my wife, and me too.

Thanks for making this powerful therapy available to so many. I've used EFT in my professional practice with hundreds of clients, and have had tremendous results, some dramatic, some that seem common place now. However, none of these seem as significant as being able to help the person you live with.

By the way - in a previous message, I also mentioned my daughter overcoming car sickness with one 5 minute EFT session. Now - six months later, we've purchase a mini-motor home and are traveling around North America. Laura rides in the back of the van conversion, sometimes with the curtains open, sometimes closed, sometimes looking out the window, sometimes reading or watching TV. She has not had a single incident of motion sickness, not even a complaint since that day in November, seven months ago. I don't think we would have even considered this trip if motion sickness was still an issue for our daughter. Thanks again!

Hugs back to you Gary!

Larry Stewart, DCH


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