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What's a good way for newcomers to apply EFT to themselves?

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

What's a good way for newcomers to apply EFT to themselves?

Hi Everyone,

Here's a creative idea from Rachel.

It will be particularly useful to newcomers as well as for homework that professionals can give to their clients. As you know, your EFT Course is loaded with live examples (80) which illustrate the "art of delivery" across a wide variety of emotional and physical issues. The first of these is a delightful session with Dave and his 50 year old intense fear of water. This is an ideal example of EFT at work because Dave has so many aspects that must be addressed before he is free of his fear of water. It is also the centerpiece of Rachel's idea and thus a little reminder on this session is advisable.

After thoroughly EFT'ing with Dave at poolside for every water issue we could think of, he is able to get in the pool and wade in up to his chest with zero intensity. Previously this would have been a 10 and he would have panicked with the fear of dying. Despite this pleasant result, he still couldn't put his head under water because various aspects arose. We spent thorough time on each of those aspects until, for the first time in his life, he was able to completely immerse himself (including his head) under water. He spent the rest of the session completely enjoying the water and later went on to take swimming lessons.

Now here's Rachel's idea. While watching this session she chose one of her own issues and tapped right along with Dave and me on tape AS THOUGH SHE WAS THE CLIENT. She substituted her own issue for the fear of water and addressed her own aspects instead of Dave's.

Very clever.

The beauty of this is that a newcomer can be guided through the whole procedure in a thorough way and, even if they aren't familiar yet with aspects, the context provides automatic ways to get in touch with them. I think we would get much higher "first attempt results" for newcomers if everyone did this. Professionals can loan this tape to their clients for homework between sessions with the likelihood that major between-session-results will occur.

Now, with that preamble, here is how Rachel applied this idea.

Hugs, Gary

Dear Gary,

I know you must get hundreds of these type of letters every day, but I just HAD to sit down and tell you my story. :) I'll do my best to be concise, as I know you're a busy man!

In October 1984 I was in a car accident which resulted in 12 broken bones and close to 2000 stitches. One of the injuries involved my right kneecap, which was shattered and subsequently removed. After the cast was removed I did undergo physical therapy, but to be honest, didn't stick with it as long as I should have. The result was that since then my movement has been slightly limited because I wasn't able to bend at the knees.

Several months ago I read one of Dr. Bernie Siegel's book and in the process I recognized that part of my limitation in bending was in my mind. Through using some visualization I was able to actually bend at the knees for the first time in sixteen years. However, there was still some remaining pain and some psychological discomfort connected with the movement and I simply stopped doing it again and started to revert back to the old habit of bending at the waist and basically ignoring the knees' ability to bend!

I learned about EFT in an Energy Medicine course that I took this past winter and finally ordered your training manual/tapes. As I was watching the first video (after reading the manual, of course!) I went through the process along with Dave as you worked with him, using my knee pain as the subject.

I was sitting on the couch at the time. Previously, even to get up from that type of sitting position would be painful in my knees and I would inevitably have to use my arm strength to help myself get up. After going through this procedure I was able to stand up with barely any sensation in my knees at all! I was thrilled, needless to say! As you continued on with Dave, I continued on with my knee issue. I went on to use the 'fear' of bending at the knees. Even when I had discovered that I was, indeed, physically able to bend at the knees from a standing position, I would find that I hesitated and had difficulty in actually making the movement. The underlying thoughts were partially connected to a memory of how my knee looked the morning of the accident (I have a vivid picture of that in my mind!) and the irrational fear was that if I bent at the knees, that knee would split open. Or the fear was simply that I would fall over!

After the first run-through of EFT for the fear of bending, I was able to bend at the knees in the middle of the room with nothing to support myself. There is still some discomfort involved in the process, but I think that's partly because there is simply a lack of strength in that whole area and that can easily be developed. I know that EFT can't build strong muscles for me - I have to do that part on my own!

Prior to writing this letter I decided that I would also use EFT on my left ankle, which was another casualty of the 1984 accident. It was severely broken and I have experienced stiffness and pain on a regular basis ever since. There is still scar tissue that remains which I have had worked on by a reflexologist for the past several months. I just went through two rounds of EFT for the stiffness and pain and I honestly do feel a wider range of movement than I typically do. This is amazing!

I also recognize, of course, that I have also have a responsibility to keep getting the proper exercise and proper nutrition in order to continue this improvement in my physical health. The wonderful thing is that there is a freedom of movement in my body that hasn't been there since prior to the accident on 10/3/84. I will continue to use EFT on these areas (and others) in conjunction with improving the health of my overall lifestyle and I firmly believe that I will continue to see improvement.

I look forward to seeing/listening to more of the tapes and reading the rest of the manual and I will probably be hungry for more training in no time! :)

Peace and health,


(ps..honest - this really WAS the concise version! ) :)


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