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Surrogate EFT helps sick toddler

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

We have many reports of successful surrogate tapping for crying children on airplanes. While we are not 100% successful in this area, there are far too many impressive reports to ignore. In this article, Soya Lee applies surrogate EFT in behalf of a child that has been sick for 4 days. Not only does the crying subside but the child shows obvious signs of "suddenly getting better" within 20 minutes.

By Soya Lee

Hi Gary,

I enjoyed your seminar in Costa Mesa and learned that there is more flexibility to EFT than I had originally thought.

I had an interesting opportunity to use EFT while on my flight back to Michigan.

I sat in a row in the back of the plane next to a mom and her toddler. As luck would have it, the toddler started to cry at the beginning of the flight and continued to cry practically throughout the entire flight back to Detroit! At first, I thought the toddler was crying because she was cranky, tired, hungry or needed her diaper changed. So, I surrogately tapped for those aspects. No change. So, I stopped tapping thinking my technique was off or I wasn't doing it correctly (I'm relatively a newbie at this) and I endured the shrill cries for the next 3 hours. The poor toddler was inconsolable.

The mother caught me looking at her child at one point and apologetically said the child was sick and she couldn't do much for her. Ah ha! So! I tapped for the illness. Interestingly enough, a few minutes later, a woman stopped by to give the mother some medicine for the kid, but the mom declined saying her little girl had been throwing up and wasn't able to keep anything down. I surrogately tapped for the vomiting, the red face, the tears and generally not feeling well for about 5 minutes. Then lo and behold, the child started to quiet down. 20 minutes later, the little girl started to play and talk and her red face just seem to clear right up! She looked like a different child!

Shortly after, we were landing and it was about time to deplane. The mother repeatedly made several comments to her daughter, "Wow, you are starting to feel better?"

The little gal was happy and very talkative and the mother commented to someone behind us, "She was sick for 4 days and it was HELL! but she seems to have suddenly gotten better."

I felt like the fairy godmother and EFT was the magic wand. Wow!

Soya Lee

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