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Elegant session with 11 year old boy for test anxiety

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Baerbel Froehlin gives us a quality example of harnessing a child's imagination in an EFT session. Children respond very well to EFT, especially when you can gain rapport and explore their active imaginations. In this case, Baerbel managed to improve a test anxiety situation and, in addition, the youngster's need to sleep with his parents also vanished. Sometimes we get some interesting side benefits.

By Baerbel Froehlin


While on my vacation in Europe I visited friends of mine in Munich/Germany, whom I haven't seen in four years. They have a very bright eleven-year-old son, who has a sharp and analytical mind. We like to compare him to a sponge, because he soaks up any information you give him.

His mom mentioned to me his problem about focusing, especially when he would have a test in school. He would study in good time before the test, but would be unable to retrieve that knowledge when being asked to do the test. Often he has to study all by himself and complains of feeling uncomfortable.

Also, he still insisted on falling asleep in his parents' bed, every night they had to carry him to his own bed later on.

On my suggestion to show him something new and exciting that he didn't know yet he readily agreed to a session. We started with an eight or nine of being upset with his situation.

After a few rounds of EFT:

"Even though I forget what I have studied for ..... I am a great kid" "Even though my mind is blank when I have a test in school... I am so cool anyway" 'Even though I cannot find what I have studied .... I know I have it somewhere"

He went into a light trance, closing his eyes and keeping them closed.

A note: I always ask my clients after they tapped on a specific point to stop tapping, to breathe very deeply and to focus on their specific event before we go on to the next tapping point. I generally use the short version only, without the under arm point.

When I asked him where the stuff he studied would be hidden he showed me the exact spot on his head, eyes still closed. We continued with a visualization into his head, finding an imaginary closed door that had a sign outside which read: DISCLOSED SECRETS.

As he went into the imaginary room behind the door he started swaying and complaining about being very dizzy. Being in the room, while swaying more and more he found a cat, wildly racing round and round and round.... like in a frenzy. He asked the cat to stop and say why it would do this in the first place. The cat told him it felt extremely lonely, with no one to play or chat with. As he offered the cat a ball, the spinning stopped, he stopped swaying and started to smile. For a while he played with the imaginary cat, until it laid down in its basket and it felt okay for him to leave.

He then pointed out to me that he would be perfectly fine from now on with his tests, and that he was now ready to open his eyes. So he did, all this just took about five minutes. After we talked a bit about what else he could do to make the imaginary cat feel less lonely in the future, he went to sleep on his bed, completely exhausted.

We agreed that he would do some tapping every night, when his mom would tuck him in, about what had been good or not so good during the day. He also wanted to tap before his tests and whenever he'd feel lonely or upset in the future. The same evening he told me that during the day he took a kitten to his cat, and they all played together. That night he went to sleep in his own bed for the first time and has been doing so ever since!!

I recently heard from his mom, that he had done a test in school without any problem and received an A for it. That was at the end of the school year and he has been on summer vacation ever since. In my experience with EFT, it is likely that his test anxiety is over. If not, however, we will just apply EFT to any residual aspects.

I just really, really love my job!

Grateful and excited more and more each day.......,

Baerbel Froehlin

P.S. Update

Here is an update on the story about the boy who went "blank" when he had to do tests in school.

Obviously he has been visiting with his imaginary cat often, he named it "White paw". He calls the kitten "Snowflake". Whenever he visits, the cats are cuddling or playing happily. He has created a new room for them, which is like a forest, with trees the cats can climb, where they can play outside. Isn't it beautiful how this boy now subconsciously creates solutions for his mental well-being?

He still goes to sleep in his own bed, huge relief for the parents. Quite a job to carry a healthy 11-year-old back into his own bed every single night!

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