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Eliminating two food allergies in one session

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

By Gwenn Bonnell

Hi Gary,

I thought you may enjoy how EFT seemingly cleared up two allergies in one session:

I treated an 11-year old boy for sensitivity to two food substances a little over two months ago. This boy had been very hyper in his younger years, and ADD/ADHD was suspected. Around age 6 he was tested for allergies, and he tested very allergic to chicken and cane syrup. His mother had been able to control (somewhat) his exposure to and intake of these foods until recently, when he began going to parties on his own and indulging in cokes, etc. He would react to these indulgences with headaches, stomach aches, upset stomach and diarrhea. He would be up all night, and not able to go to school on Mondays after a busy social weekend. His mother brought him to me on one of those Mondays.

At the time, his sickness had subsided. So he had no aches or pains to treat. I went right into the allergies. I explained to him and his mother about muscle testing, and used MT [Muscle Testing] to determine the intensity of his allergy to chicken. I MT whether it's a 10, 9, 8, etc. We brought the allergy to a zero after a few rounds of tapping. I also MT'd to see if the allergy would stay away in the future, and that tested positive. I might add that the boy's reaction to all this was a typical preteen's: not much emotion or change in expression. In fact, he seemed bored. But he followed along with me!

Then on to the cane syrup. I understand it's in a lot of products. But the one the boy seemed drawn to was Coca-Cola. So we treated the allergy to cane syrup, muscle testing all the way. After he MT'd that the allergy was clear, I had him hold the bottle of Coke. I then MT'd and treated him for each ingredient in the Coke separately. He tested strong on being clear of allergies on each ingredient. But when I Muscle Tested whether he still had an allergy to Coke, he still tested positive! (Maybe some combination of the ingredients caused him to test weak -- or could there be a few ingredients not listed on the bottle?)

So I treated him for being allergic to "something in the Coke" until he MT'd that the allergy was clear, and would stay clear in the future. He didn't seem too impressed, and of course his mother was skeptical -- this seemed way too easy! What could I do but shrug my shoulders and say let's see? I also explained that just because his allergy was gone, that didn't mean he could drink the entire 2-liter bottle of Coke without having a reaction. Even someone with no allergies wouldn't feel to well after that, because Coke isn't exactly ideal nutrition for the human body.

About a month afterwards, I saw his mother, and it certainly seemed like the allergies had cleared up. He had no more bad reactions, and had been indulging in these substances "in moderation." And last month the boy went away to summer camp. I just talked to his father today, and the boy made it through camp without any reactions to all that cola! I'm not going to theorize on how or why EFT worked so well in this case, I am just thankful that it did!

Gwenn Bonnell

P.S. I talked to the mother of the 11-year old boy last night. She said she asked him if he remembered our session. He said, "Yeah, it was kind of weird!" He did remember me using the language "I'm a very cool dude" as the affirmation in The Setup.

He just got home from summer camp, where he was drinking 3-4 cokes a day. Normally, he would at least get a headache as a reaction from that, if not a stomach ache also. And he was fine all during camp! It's been over two months now, and he hasn't had one flare-up at all!

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