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Fears And Phobias


The Fear of Heights was not really the Fear of Heights

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Read on as EFT Master Inci Erkin MD from Turkey discovers the real reason behind an apparent Fear of Heights. Please note how some well placed questions uncovered the real issue.

Hugs, Gary

By Inci Erkin MD, EFT Master

We were doing an EFT workshop on the 6th floor of a tall building.  During my workshops I often ask if anyone has a phobia with the thought that such an issue would make a good demonstration.

One of the students pointed to a friend of hers.  “Well, she is afraid of heights, she could not go to the balcony and look around during the coffee break.”

I invited her to the stage. She was willing to come but was definitely anxious. She sat on the comfortable chair like she was sitting on a nail.

So, first I did EFT to comfort her.

Even though it was not really my own wish to come here, in front of everybody, I love and accept myself. TAP TAP. 

After a complete sequence she moved in her chair comfortably and smiled to the audience.

I then asked her about the fear of heights and she told me that she could not go close to the balcony and look downwards.  Also, she could not go in an elevator if it is an open one with transparent walls where you  can see the floors while going upwards - like the elevators in big hotels sometimes have.   This was especially difficult for her, because she owned a Tourist Agency.  She had the ‘privilege’ of going to 5 Star Hotels often with open view elevators. What many would consider a treat was like torture to  her.

And her intensity level was of course a 10.

We began:

Even though I am afraid of heights , I love myself. TAP TAP

While tapping her I was also asking my questions

Q - When did you first  realise this fear of heights ?

A - I realised this in 1999 after the big earthquake.

Q - How?

A - I was staying with my sister at the hospital.  She had been hurt by the earthquake while in her house.  There was nowhere for me to take a bath.  I could not take a bath for days because of the circumstances.  A friend of mine came to visit and took me to her house  saying that I could take a shower there.  But when we went there,it was the 7th floor.   I could not stay there.  I felt very disturbed because of the height, and without taking a shower I returned to the hospital.

We changed the  statement:

Even though, my friend took me home to take a shower, it was on the 7th floor, I felt bad, and left there, I deeply and profoundly accept myself TAP TAP..

Q - Was this the fear of heights or an earthquake fear, thinking that, you can not escape from a 7th floor if it shakes again?  

A – YES!  YES!  I  was afraid of the earthquake.  I am still afraid...

(Her whole body was shaking, she became sweaty and pale and told me that she did not want to continue. She had nausea also.  These are all symptoms of our sympathetic system overreaction. Fight or flight is our old genetic code response in case of emergencies. During that period our cortisol – stress hormone – and adrenalin is released, our heart pumps quicker –palpitation – our feet and hands are cold –  our intestines and our kidneys try to give off everything because our instincts wants us to be lighter to run easier.   Our temperature rises, so our climatization starts and to take our temperature down we sweat.)

Yes, she was having all of this in seconds.

I  told her that this is a reflex, and we will continue EFT and Tappings, and her  parasympathetic system will harmonise everything, because there is no real DANGER at the moment. THE DANGER WAS IN HER MIND.  We began EFT for this.

Even though we had this earthquake and my sister was taken from the ruins of the house, I accept this and love myself. TAP TAP

Even though we lost many close friends at this earthquake, I accept myself. TAP TAP

Even though my mother died just one month later because of a heart attack and I believe this was because of  the earthquake’s trauma, I accept this and love myself. 

Even though we lost all our property at this earthquake, but now we are alive and building our business again, so I love myself. I love myself because I am strong. TAP TAP. 

I am still afraid of the earthquakes but I love myself. TAP TAP

Her  trembling slowly went away.  Her face gained her colour again.  Her friends in the room had tears in their eyes during this time.  Many had memories of the earthquake of August-17 in the year 1999.  I asked them to TAP altogether for Borrowing Benefits and also making a  strong energy field with our intentions while doing EFT at our workshop saloon.

She told me that her intensity level around the issue disappeared.

At first I asked her to close her eyes to imagine going to the balcony and looking down.

We were all tapping again by this time. She said she had no fear in her imagination.

Then she really went to the balcony, and could look down the building very happily.

We applauded her. Congratulated her.  Everybody hugged each other.

Just opposite to our building there was a five star hotel  with an open elevator, we went there together, and went to the 11th floor.  No problem but laughs.


Big traumatic events, like earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, and terrorist bombings influence many people. Even the ones who are far away, and just see it on TV.  These situations can create a block in our energy system. We think that life is going on  and forget about seeing the traumatic event.  But nothing is the same as  before.  This memory, if not cleared with EFT, works in the background, producing negative energies and affecting our energy system like a computer virus.  After a time, some people experience physical and psychological  problems  such as: headaches, sleep disturbances, loss of libido,  irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, menstrual problems, hypertension, depression, overeating,  anorexia, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders, tics, pains, etc etc.

We usually do not make the connection with our conscious mind of a traumatic event affecting our physical body.  We try to find a solution with different doctors and hospitals.  I do not mean that we do not need to go to a doctor. Of course we still may need to go.  I am also a medical doctor with 30 years experience. But, what if, for a moment, you think of the possibility that your illnesses and complaints may be because of your energy system failure. 

If you cannot heal your self at the energetic level you may be using the medications forever.  EFT can be very helpful to regain your energy flow and bring quality and happiness to your life.  And, maybe, even resolve some of the physical symptoms as we tap.

Here in Turkey, we will be remembering and make ceremonies for the loved ones lost in the earthquake each 17th of August.    Around the world we have had many disasters.  Some were from NATURE; some were HUMAN made. We can not blame NATURE.  But we certainly can work to change the HUMANS who are creating havoc destroying our lives.

So on each August 17th, I am inviting all of you to TAP for WORLD PEACE.

We do only have ONE WORLD, perhaps we can try a little bit harder to protect what we have.  EFT is a great tool.

Inci Erkin, MD

EFT Master


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