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First Aid

EFT is a Parent's Best Friend: Family First Aid, Motion Sickness, Birth Trauma and Vampire Eradication!!

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

Karen McLaughlin from Canada gives us several uses for EFT that benefited both herself and her children. She says this about her own trauma regarding giving birth, "What an incredibly powerful experience that was - I had been carrying around those traumatic memories for almost 9 years, and 15 minutes of tapping totally neutralized them!"

Hugs, Gary

By Karen McLaughlin, M.Sc.

Dear Gary,

I was introduced to EFT a few months ago by a friend who is an EFT practitioner. I have had great results using it on myself for a variety of issues (including allergies, menstrual cramps, heartburn, anxiety, and tooth pain) and it's a rare day that I don't use EFT for something or other!

While EFT is a fantastic tool for just about anyone, as a parent I am particularly thankful to have this handy tool at my disposal when dealing with many issues related to family life. I would like to share with you a few EFT successes I've had related to my children:

1. First Aid on a bloody nose and injured face

One night about 3 weeks or so after I first started using EFT on myself, my younger son (8 yrs old at the time) ran in the house crying like I haven't seen him do in several years, blood gushing out of his nose and scrapes all over his face. I was really shaken up looking at him! I had no idea what he'd done but it was clear he was in a LOT of pain as it takes a pretty severe injury to even start to get him upset (as it turned out he had done a total face-plant in our neighbour's gravel driveway).

I grabbed some paper towels for his nose and took him into my arms. I held him for a minute then asked if it was okay if I did "some of that tapping" for him and he nodded okay. In this case I tapped surrogately on myself due to his facial injuries. I asked him what hurt the most, he said "my face" so I tapped a couple rounds on the face pain. He started to calm down a bit, I asked him if he felt any better and he said he did, but his nose was really hurting now (and I noticed it was still bleeding pretty heavily). So I tapped a couple of rounds on the pain and bleeding in his nose, he then said it felt better and now his forehead was hurting. I tapped a couple rounds on his forehead pain.

By now he was quite calm and relaxed and said he was feeling a lot better. I notice the bleeding from his nose had stopped completely - it was absolutely gushing before I started; I think we soaked through four paper towels. After that I cleaned up the blood and scuffs on his face and he went merrily on his way. He didn't complain of any more pain at all related to these injuries after that, and the nose bleeding did not return.

2. Motion sickness

My younger son also has had terrible motion sickness since he was about 2 or 3 years old. We had tried just about everything we could think of to alleviate his nausea (including "sea bands", ginger, and Gravol) , but nothing worked to our satisfaction - almost every family car trip ended up with my son becoming violently sick to his stomach at some point. A few weeks after I had started using EFT, we were getting ready to leave on a family camping trip. It was midsummer and the heat always made my son's motion sickness even more intense, so I was starting to get anxious about the car trip. Then I thought, "why not try EFT?".

I surrogate tapped for my son on myself as he didn't want me to tap on him at that time. I did a couple of rounds using the simple setup Even though I have this car sickness…

I did this two or three times a day for a day or two before we left, and a couple of rounds the morning of our trip. Well, I couldn't quite believe it but we made it all the way to our destination (about 3 1/2 hrs of driving) without him having so much as a HINT of nausea. I checked in with him a few times along the way, planning to tap surrogately on any symptoms he was having as we drove, and he assured me he was feeling just fine! On the way back home, I did a couple of quick rounds (again surrogately) before we left, and again he was fine the whole way home (and we even stopped and indulged in a rare fast-food meal partway home - usually that would increase the odds of him feeling seriously ill!) That was back in July and he has not had a hint of motion sickness since then, and I haven't tapped on it since the trip. I can't tell you what a huge blessing this is to our entire family!

3. Birth trauma

 I had the opportunity to participate in a group call with Deborah Donndelinger on the topic of Birth Trauma. While I was blessed to have two natural, midwife-attended births, there were specific events that occurred during and after each of my son's births which still held a lot of emotional intensity for me. After a few minutes of discussion with Deborah, we decided to tap on issues related to my younger son's birth - instinctively I felt this was what needed to be addressed.

We zeroed in on three specific events that held intensity for me:  1) Not being allowed to start pushing the baby out when I was ready and having to hold my arm perfectly still while they replaced a faulty IV line before I could push (I was required to have IV oxytocin administered as I pushed the baby out due to complications that happened after my first son's birth) 2) My son's shoulders getting stuck on the way out and the excruciating pain I felt as the midwife pulled him out of me 3) The extremely painful contractions I had for an hour after the birth (due to the IV oxytocin) and complications with my placenta that were similar to my first son's birth.

I was probably at an level of intensity of 8 or 9  on a scale of 0 to 10 for all three of these issues before we tapped. We started with the first issue and tapped a few rounds. Deborah used both my language and also used her intuition to change the wording; I knew she was hitting exactly what needed to be addressed. The language we used for the first issue included:

Even though I wasn't allowed to push my baby out when I was ready…

Even though I had to hold my arm perfectly still while they hurt me, and all I wanted to do was push… and my desire to push.

Even though I had to lie there perfectly still while my baby was telling me to push, I love and accept myself and forgive myself for not being able to push.

EB: wasn't allowed to push

SE: had to hold my arm still

UE: every cell of my body wanted to push

UN: lying perfectly still

CH: they are hurting me when I just needed to push

CB: wasn't allowed to push

UA: lying perfectly still

Top of Head: just wanting to push

Deborah got me to do the 9-gamut procedure in the middle of tapping these rounds and at that point I immediately felt a huge shift in my energy. We continued on and tapped on the second incident, using the setup:

Even though they yanked him out of me and it felt excruciating…

Again, Deborah got me to use the 9-gamut procedure part way through. As I did the 9-gamut procedure for the second time, I felt another huge energetic shift and I knew the intensity was completely gone. Once we stopped tapping, Deborah asked me how I was feeling and said she didn't think we had time to do the third issue (due to time constraints of the group call). I told her that was no problem as we didn't need to tap on that issue anyway. The whole thing had completely collapsed and I was having trouble even bringing up the memories - they seemed very fuzzy and "remote" to me.

What an incredibly powerful experience that was - I had been carrying around those traumatic memories for almost 9 years, and 15 minutes of tapping totally neutralized them! I noticed later that the effects seem to have generalized to my first son's birth as well as I don't have any intensity around that anymore, either! It is a wonderful gift to no longer feel painful emotions when thinking about giving birth to my beautiful sons.

4. Vampire eradication (fears following a scary movie)

My nine and eleven year old sons watched quite a few scary movies leading up to Halloween. They have enjoyed watching these types of movies for years, and are not usually disturbed by them in the least. However, after watching a movie featuring vampires, my 11 year old son mentioned to me the next morning that he had trouble sleeping because he was worried about the vampires. He quickly moved on to something else and it slipped my mind or we would have tapped on it then.

The next evening, we were snuggled up together and he mentioned to me again that he wished he wasn't still thinking about the vampires. I asked him if it was okay if we tried "tapping the vampires out of his head" and he agreed (he doesn't always like me to tap on him and he doesn't like to do the tapping himself). I tapped a couple of rounds on him

Even though I have these scary vampires in my head… Then I stopped to ask him how he was doing. He said he felt better, but they were still "a little bit scary". I tapped two more rounds:

Even though I still have a little bit of these scary vampires left in my head…

I checked in with him again, and he said he was fine, the scary vampires were gone -  at that point he seemed to have lost all interest in talking about it at all. If he had still felt some intensity on the issue, I was going to try tapping on Even though I shouldn't have watched that scary vampire movie… but it seemed pretty obvious that he was done with the issue. I have not heard another word about the scary vampires since then!

I am beginning to wonder how I ever managed before I had EFT in my "toolbox"! You have yet another passionate EFT’er on your hands - I have been studying the Foundational Library DVDs with great interest and intend to become certified as a Practitioner.

Thank you Gary for bringing EFT to the world!

Karen McLaughlin, M.Sc.


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