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Using EFT, 71 year old plays squash with youthful energy

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

We don't promote EFT as a Fountain of Youth ... but maybe we should (smile). This is because people often gain renewed energy with EFT and this increased vitality often lasts well into the future. As you will see in this article, 71 year old Richard Avon from the UK uses EFT to improve his energy while playing squash. He says, "What is still amazing me is that I became an entirely different person with the most enormous energy and speed."

Hugs, Gary

By Richard Avon

I studied EFT with Stephen Coburn as part of a Bio-Energetic Medicine course.  I really thought all this tapping was complete mumbo jumbo until the day after the final session as summarized below:

When we did the EFT tapping in pairs on Saturday I was with Preston and I said ‘The thing that really bugs me is that I play squash with my friend, who is fifteen years younger than I am and I have only ever beaten him in the match once, and that was on a day when he had something on his mind and wasn’t feeling like it. 

So Preston tapped me while saying Even though I always lose the match…  Then I remembered reading about Anthony Robbins with Andre Agassi when Agassi was in a slump.

Robbins asked him what he was thinking at the start of a match and Agassi replied that he was remembering the last time he played this opponent and what went wrong, etc.  So Robbins said ‘No!When you walk on court just remember winning at Wimbledon’.  This resurrected Agassi’s career.

So next we tapped and I was saying REMEMBER WINNING, REMEMBER WINNING.

Today I walked on court at 9:45 having tapped before I left home ‘Remember Winning’.

At my age (71) I play the old bull strolling around slowly lobbing into the corners and trying to out-think Chris who hits it hard.  The first game took 15 minutes and I won 9 - 4.  But what astonished me apart from my mental focus was.  I was playing like a 25 year old with enormous energy and speed like a Tiger!  It didn’t matter where he put the ball - I got there.

The next game he got over the shock, really put on the pressure and I lost 5 - 9 (Here we go!).  The third game I was trailing all the way but managed to equalize at 8 - 8 Chris won 10 – 8.

The fourth game came and Chris raced to 6 - 0 then I got two points so I was losing 2 - 7  I started to surreptitiously tap between each point and clawed back to 7 – 7.

Chris got the next point 8 - 7   Match POINT!

Tap tap 8 – 8

I won 10 – 8

Two games all.

I went to the loo (restroom) and did a thorough tap.  ‘REMEMBER WINNING, REMEMBER WINNING’

I won the decider 9 – 5

WOW!  3 - 2 to me!!!!!!!

The match had taken 50 minutes for five games.  Not for one moment did I think of anything but the next point!  Again WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris said afterwards, “What F*****g pills are you on?  I’ve never seen you like this.”  I just smiled graciously!

What is still amazing me is that I became an entirely different person with the most enormous energy and speed.  If I were to compare the improvement to my normal play on a scale of 1 – 10, I would give this 25!

So thank you Rex and Stephen.  And Preston, you are one hell of a ‘tapper’.  If you would like to use this as a testimonial for EFT please do so.

With great affection

Richard Avon


I am now 74 and have beaten Chris on MANY occasions since then using my surreptitious tapping.  Strangely I have NEVER told him how I do it!!

Both my Wife and I are also now at Reiki II stage and incorporate EFT in many things but that first experience was truly an eye opener.



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