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EFT "Choices" for recent NYC trauma victims.

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Dr. Patricia Carrington had the difficult experience of not knowing for 30 hours whether or not her sister-in-law, Wendy, was OK after the recent (9/11/01) violence in New York City and Washington, DC. She wrote me as follows.....

"We finally heard this afternoon that Wendy is safe. and I am deeply grateful. But like all things, it had its strange gift to NOT know for 30 hours -- it helped me realize the deep distress of people who are unable to locate their loved ones amidst the rubble or in the hospitals or wherever -- and it will help me to help them accordingly

I have written the enclosed piece which is an urgent communication giving recommendations for using EFT Choices in this time of crisis."

Pat's highly useful contribution is given below.

Love to all, Gary

by Dr. Patricia Carrington

Dear List,

I am writing this letter on the use of EFT Choices (a form of affirmation which substitutes the phrase "I choose..." for the standard declarative phrase "I have, I am etc." used in traditional affirmations (see choices) to address traumas, because we are all affected so deeply by the shocking events of yesterday [9/11/01]. Now, if ever, is the time for us to make choices which can help us meet what may be a turning point in our collective awareness.

Accordingly, I have put together a few suggestions for EFT Choices which can be used within or outside of EFT itself to help heal in this time of trouble. They are not the only Choices which can be made for this purpose by any means, but if they serve to spark your own inner wisdom as to how you can use this crisis to bring about a deep and enduring change in our consciousness, then this effort will be worthwhile.

Because this List comprises a diverse group of people from many different geographic areas and with many different points of view, I will try to give here enough options so that you can select from them the ones that will be of most use to you and to those whom you are in contact with-- for some of you these will be your family members, clients, students and coworkers who will be dependent upon you for guidance during the days to come .

Ways of Using Healing Choices

We can make use of a healing Choice as a part of the EFT process in the way I have been discussing in some of my posts, but those not familiar with EFT, or if we do not have time to led them through the site[s (or for those who might not be receptive to this method) we can also use Choices as simple healing affirmations. They will be much easier for most people to accept than the traditional forms of affirmation which bother some people because they so clearly go contrary to fact. If you do this, an effective thing to do is to write the Choices on index cards (without the :"Even though..." negative statement in front of them --just the Choice) and have the person read them to themselves out loud each morning and evening at a minimum.

The Negative Portion of the Set-Up Phrase

When using Choices with EFT, you proceed exactly as in standard EFT -- by identifying the problem to be addressed and then casting it in words that speak to the person. Some suggested negative phrases that pertain to the current tragic event of this Tuesday, are:

  • Even though I am stunned and bewildered by this terrible happening
  • Even though I am deeply frightened .....etc.
  • Even though I am outraged.....etc.
  • Even though I feel helpless about...etc.
  • Even though I see no solution for...:etc.
  • Even though I am hopeless about....etc.
  • Even though I'm deeply hurt and saddened by....etc.
  • Even though I don't understand the meaning of.....etc.
  • Even though this terrible thing happened.....etc.

You may well think of other negative phrases that can address this crisis. Use whatever speaks to you or others. The Choices suggested here can be used at the end of an EFT set-up phrase, as a reminder phrase for a whole round of EFT, or simply all alone as an affirmation.

Simple Healing Choices

The first step in using healing Choices often needs to be an intensely personal one because it must serve to neutralize the shock and pain which the person may be feeling. For this, the simplest relevant Choice may be the most effective. Following such negative statements as those listed above, here are some suggested Choices for set-up and reminder phrases. Some of these require certain spiritual belief systems to be of use and you must judge this on an individual basis.

  • ..........I choose to feel a deep peace within me.
  • ..........I choose to feel gentle comfort within me.
  • ..........I choose to know that I am surrounded by love (or by God's or my Angel's love).
  • ..........I choose to feel safe in God's arms.
  • ..........I choose to radiate love and healing to myself and others.
  • ..........I choose to feel calm and confident that I can handle this.

Positive Choices Specifically for Those with a Spiritual Frame of Reference

The following Choices are based on my own personal sense of the meaning of this event for all of us-- what I consider it's higher meaning.. If my thoughts don't resonate with your own, feel free to delete them and adopt today whatever means of understanding works best to move you to your own powerful place of healing in this time of radical change.

Notice that most of the following Choices give a "reframe" of this shockingly painful event, and that I don't use the word "tragedy" (just "tragic" which is different) in any of these suggested Choices. This is not because this event isn't one of deep sadness and suffering --but because the word "tragedy" technically refers to a play or story with an inevitably tragic ENDING. I do not think that this is a concept that can best serve us when what we need to make room for is the energy of healing and of change.

With these concepts in mind, I suggest the following Choices and urge you to create your own as well and to help others to do so. One word of caution in doing this however, I would urge you to avoid platitudes and generalities wherever possible. While many of these may ultimately be true, they will tend to fall flat and not be heard. A specific suggestion which relates directly to the person's life will be attended to with interest.

After the "Even though..." phrase, or by themselves, the following are Choices which address the deeper significance of this event and some ways in which people may find a positive resolution for the distress they feel.

  • ...........I choose to feel at peace within myself and radiate this to others.
  • ...........I choose to learn something absolutely essential for my own life from this event.

(NOTE: This statement about the "learning" inherent in suffering can be extremely meaningful in the face of a tragic occurrence. When I used it for myself in the past to deal with the painful death of a close relative, I learned something which profoundly changed my life as a result).

  • ..........I choose to have this dreadful event open my heart.
  • ..........I choose to allow something surprisingly good to come from this sad event.
  • ..........I choose to know (or I choose to be guided as to) exactly what I can do best to help.
  • ..........I choose to see this widespread suffering as a gift which will change human understanding and cooperation from now on.
  • .........I choose to be open to an unseen good in this.
  • .........I choose to sense the Divine intent for a greater good in all this.
  • .........I choose to preserve the gift of our immense caring for each other at this time.
  • .........I choose to radiate understanding and peace from my heart to a pained world.
  • .........I choose to be a still point amidst the chaos..
  • .........I choose to be still and allow God (or love) to enter my heart.

and so on, and on.

Surrogate Tapping for Others

We can make healing Choices for others by using any of the above phrases (or other ones) while tapping on ourselves FOR those others, sending them profound healing. If one's belief system permits it, this surrogate tapping can also include, as one highly intuitive person suggested this week, tapping for the bewildered spirits of the departed beings who gave their lives so shockingly in order that we might learn from this event. This intuitive person saw an array of spirits of those who had abruptly lost their lives in the incident which included people from every walk of life and many different nationalities, including Arabs, all of whom were in need of our understanding and support so that they could realize why they had been chosen (or had chosen) to make this sacrifice. If such a concept is too far out for you, please just discard it, but I am sure it will have meaning for some.

This is just a sampling of what can be done here using EFT. We will learn more about the healing Choices necessary at this time in history when we go out into our communities to work with groups that have been traumatized by this event, using EFT and other Energy therapies to bring them comfort and help. Some of us trained in this technique intend to do in this in our Princeton area community and you may well consider doing so in yours. If so, let's pool all our learnings.

With deepest wishes for the healing of all of us,

Pat Carrington


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