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The Unseen Therapist

A Peek at the Possibilities

Dr. Isabel Reis

Naturopath Dr. Isabel Reis Reports Impressive Results for Pain, Addictions, Bipolar Issues, Sinusitis, Inner Ear Infections and Gastric Inflammation.

Hi Gary,

Isabel Reis
Isabel Reis

The last two weeks have been very interesting - I am seeing around 7-8 patients a day and have been inviting The Unseen Therapist into almost all of them. I am observing impressive changes in the chronic patients and miraculous shifts in others.

The Unseen Therapist sometimes moves body parts:

Sometimes when I hold the patient’s head and invite in the Unseen Therapist, she starts moving their heads to and fro (some at a very fast pace ... I can hardly keep up) and then the Energy can actually be seen like waves moving down the body. That releases almost 90% of all pain but I also put my hands on the site of pain. The jaw bones move and I feel as if She (The Unseen Therapist) is twisting the patient’s head right around. But when I open my eyes I see the patient’s head moved to the far right or left. At times She holds the head for a very long time and I feel tiny pulses moving until She is ready and I cannot move the head back until She is ready.

Almost without fail patients leave with a sense of tranquility.

Yesterday, my patient and I were working on this drug, alcohol and nicotine addiction. I have seen him for three months now and used The Unseen Therapist in our sessions in the last three weeks and he is totally at peace. Further, his bipolar episodes (he is on medication for it but had huge episodes despite it) have totally stabilized.

He is also totally drug free and we are now working on letting go of cigarettes.

One of the most touching experiences has been with a lady named Lynne (not real name) who is 65 years old and came to me with chronic sinusitis (after 6 operations), osteoporosis, middle ear infections and gastric inflammations. After a few sessions with The Unseen Therapist on some unresolved issues with her mother, Lynne had floods of tears and relief, sinuses unblocked, stomach untwisted and her ears cleared.

She is a totally different person now - confident, happy and owning her own power without any ego.

Gary I can go on and on - everyday every patient is touched in one way or another by this amazing power as peace trickles into their lives - some come back with little change but a huge awareness while others are affected profoundly. And in all of that I get to be part of in this profound process.

I am overflowing with the Miracle that is The Unseen Therapist - Thank you for bringing Her into my life.

Blessings and light, Dr. Isabel Reis