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The Unseen Therapist

A Peek at the Possibilities

Gabriele Rother

Gabriele Rother’s Severe Headaches Vanished. She Could Feel The Unseen Therapist Adjusting her Skull.

Gabriele Rother
Gabriele Rother

While attending Gary Craig’s first public workshop on The Unseen Therapist, I was experiencing one of my frequent severe headaches. These headaches were largely due to a brain fluid problem I have had since birth and usually continue for days, like a migraine.

Gary brought me on stage and quickly found that another cause was a hidden emotion: anger.

First Gary asked the participants to activate The Unseen Therapist in my behalf and to share that healing with me. It was a very intense experience because I could feel the energy flowing through my whole body. I could feel the love embracing me in a soft and gentle way.

It felt as though parts of my skull were moving:

Thereafter Gary worked with The Unseen Therapist for my benefit and, after a short while, I felt a sort of shift in my brain. It felt as though parts of my skull were moving and adjusting to compensate for the brain fluid problem. Quickly, the headache was almost gone, only a bit of pressure was left. It was a big relief for me and, an hour later, the headache was totally gone. No pressure, no pain anymore.

I waited the whole day in a kind of disbelief. Will it come back? Will the pain hit me again so that I can’t even open my eyes? Since that time I am free from pain, clear and with a slightly better eyesight too, a welcome side effect!

Gabriele Rother