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The Unseen Therapist

Meet The Unseen Therapist

More on The Unseen Therapist

She is the loving essence of all spiritual practices

spiritual handsThe Unseen Therapist lives within each of us — no exceptions — and thus is readily available to you. A child can call on Her and get impressive results. So can a prisoner, housewife, war veteran or doctor. It doesn’t matter about your educational level either. You only need to be able to read this book. Nor does it matter whether you are rich or poor, young or old, male or female, athletic or crippled. She is waiting — and eager — to bring healing well beyond your expectations.

She is the loving essence of all spiritual practices and thus does not conflict with anyone’s Divine preferences. She is known by many names, including: Love, God, Source, Peace, Jesus, Buddha, Yahweh, Muhammad, Allah, Higher Intelligence, Spirit, Holy Spirit, Jehovah, Guidance, Inner Wisdom, Ruach Hakodesh and more. I’ve had clients who prefer to call Her Nature or the Ocean Waves. Others equate Her with the loving memory of a grandmother, a pet or a coach. It doesn’t matter which name you give Her as She has no ego.

Further, She is not actually a “she” because She has no body and thus no gender. I refer to Her as a She because females are generally considered to be softer and more compassionate than males. But, if you prefer, you can call Her a He — or an It — or even a Cloud or a Breeze. Your choice. What you call Her doesn’t change who She is.

Brought to you by an outsider - an engineer:

I am bringing you this advancement as an outsider to the healing profession. I am a Stanford trained engineer with no formal education in medicine, therapy or the like. As a result, I am free to innovate because I am not burdened by the hand-me-down beliefs that permeate the healing professions. While medicine has certainly provided some
impressive innovations, those advances are small when compared to your possibilities that come from within.

SimplifyEngineers prefer to simplify. We look at a complex process, break it down into essential pieces, throw out the unnecessary parts and then rebuild it into a streamlined procedure. The result, in this case, is The Unseen Therapist and Her one natural remedy for everything.

“But Gary,” you might ask, “haven’t people been using similar methods — like prayer and distance healing — for many years?”

Yes, of course, and it was those stunning results that helped point me in this direction. What I have added, however, is a companion healing process (The Personal Peace Procedure) that brings unique focus to your issue(s). This focus adds more power to your healing prayers and allows them to be answered with greater reliability, depth and efficiency.

That’s why The Unseen Therapist, together with our companion process, is already reshaping our healing landscape. This is easily verified in “A Peek at Your Possibilities” (later in this book) which includes dramatic examples of this combo at work. These samples range from a stroke recovery, to the fear of dogs, to disappearing blood clots, to hospital miracles and beyond.

Practical book:

This is a practical book that displays how to gain these benefits without the debatable theologies as to why. Thus, you will be connecting with the vast healing power of your spiritual essence while avoiding theological speculation. This allows you to see beyond conventional methods so that the true cause of your ailments is revealed.

And that true cause is of the mind. It is emotional, not physical.

This simplifies the entire health field and allows you to step onto a bridge that leads to an ultimate remedy with healing benefits unimagined by man-made therapies. New doors, new vistas and impressive benefits await you.

Essential support:

While this book is practical, it is also introductory. As a result, it cannot contain all of the unlimited expansion that flows from its use. That is why I urge you to sign up for my free support that includes news, tips, how-to’s, "Impossible Healings," The Stairway to Miracles and essential updates. It is the heartbeat of our process and you are invited to join us via the form below. You can opt-out any time.