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The Unseen Therapist

Meet The Unseen Therapist

The Bridge To The Ultimate Remedy

Bridge to The Unseen TherapistWe stand on one side of a bridge, unaware that the ultimate remedy for our ailments awaits us on the other side.

We are unaware because our attention has been diverted by the conventional beliefs ingrained within the healing professions. Accordingly, we spend mammoth amounts of  money to develop thousands of remedies for the multitudes of diseases that we believe we have identified. Much of this is unnecessary and wasteful — and you’ll see why.

Furthermore, top medical researchers work within the world’s most prestigious universities to study the body in great detail — from cells to neurotransmitters and beyond. Just to administer these complicated treatments requires extensive medical training and licensing. The cost to the patient, of course, is enormous. One can easily spend several months’ income for a week in a hospital.

Yet these efforts frequently fail — or are temporary — and may cause even greater problems. The system is clearly flawed.

On the other side of the bridge awaits The Unseen Therapist. Her methods are completely different from those in which we have invested so heavily. They are gentle, peaceful, applicable to everything and limitless. No special education is required and they are free.

She will be heralded throughout this book and described in more detail later. For now, please know that She does not look to your body to find relief because the true cause does not exist there. Rather it is in your mind and that becomes Her focus. This is why She is so effective.

She aims at the true cause of your ailments rather than spending massive resources on trying to alleviate symptoms. Properly understood, all your diseases — from hiccups to cancer — are mere symptoms of this deeper cause.

When I refer to the mind, I am not talking about the brain. The brain is a physical organ of the body, as are kidneys, lungs and the liver. The mind, however, is intangible and thus our medical researchers have difficulty containing it for scientific purposes. It is spiritually based and is where your beliefs and emotions reside. It draws its power from your
spiritual dimension — from the other side of the bridge.

Your goal here is to venture across that bridge toward levels of love and peace that generate increasing levels of healing. The further you go, of course, the more profound your healing becomes.

The foundation is essential:

This book is concise because its essential messages are easy to grasp. However, for best results, you will need the foundational concepts before you learn the actual method. For example, the actual healing process is explained in only a few pages in the latter portion of this book (see The Personal Peace Procedure). If you are consumed with curiosity, you could go there now and skip the essential NewThink foundation that leads up to that process.

However, be aware that without understanding those crucial concepts, it will most likely cost you both time and results. If you do choose to skip ahead, be sure to return here so you can have the full picture.

So what is NewThink? I explain it next.