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The Unseen Therapist

NewThink: #1 through #3

NewThink #3: There is One Natural Remedy For Everything

So far we have learned that the true cause underlying the vast majority of our ailments centers around unresolved negative emotions. Accordingly, common sense dictates that we now turn our focus to emotional remedies, rather than those that may appear to be of physical or chemical origins.

Our conditioning:

One Natural Remedy
There is One Natural Remedy for Everything

We have been conditioned by our man-made healing methods that each of the thousands of ailments that humans develop has a specific remedy for it. Thus we take a specific pill for a headache and a very different one for anxiety. We do special exercises for some problems and restrictive diets for others. Radiation may be recommended for some tumors while surgery may be the suggested means for intestinal disorders.

Stunning new idea:

The methods in this book sail right past this multiple remedy idea. Such beliefs are set aside in favor of…

One Natural Remedy
For Everything!

This is a stunning idea because, properly understood, it collapses much of the medical and pharmaceutical beliefs. It holds that the thousands of treatments that have been developed for a seemingly unlimited number of maladies can all be reduced to one process that anyone can learn.

You might accept this idea academically but still be curious as to whether The Unseen Therapist can bring relief to your specific problem. Your thoughts may be, “I see how others get relief, but what about me? Maybe my issue is different.” Thus, you might be tempted to scan through this book to see if “a broken toe” or “Meniere’s disease under age 40” or “PTSD from childhood sexual abuse” are listed anywhere.

They are not.

Neither are most of the thousands of other ailments that have been given labels by the healing professions. Just to list brief descriptions of those ailments would require a book several times the size of this one.

A disease is a symptom:

As we have seen, our physical diseases arise from, and are exacerbated by, negative emotions. Such causes are mind-oriented, of course, and manifest differently in our bodies. Thus, resentment of a betrayal at age 14 might contribute to Parkinson’s disease for one person whereas, in someone else, that same resentment may manifest as anything from a painful lower back to esophageal cancer. Thus, the disease is not the problem. It is a symptom of the problem.

Accordingly, if you search through these pages for a given symptom (disease or ailment), you are missing the main message. The Unseen Therapist brings peace to the true cause (negative emotions) of your ailments and that peace, in turn, helps resolve the symptoms. This true cause is the same, regardless of your symptoms. Stated differently, your physical symptoms are echoes of your unresolved negative emotions.

As it turns out, we have all collected many versions of that true cause (guilt, fear, resentments, etc.) over the decades. The way in which these symptoms manifest in our bodies is much less important than what causes them. That’s an essential part of our NewThink.

To give you a concrete sense of how The Unseen Therapist provides relief for all such issues, I list next many reports from my early students. These extraordinary results provide a “Peek at Your Possibilities.”