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Fears And Phobias


Second hand tapping on the fear of flying

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Clark Long sends along this testimonial letter from John, who only witnessed EFT by watching his wife doing the process during a phone session. He then proceeded to do "second hand tapping" on himself for the fear of flying. Among other things, this testimonial letter gives us a little insight into what newcomers to EFT are thinking as they use this procedure.

Hugs, Gary


This is a result of a telephone session that I did with his wife for lower back pains. He watched where his wife tapped and the next day used it for fear of flying on himself.

Clark Long

Hello Clark,

I hope I'm addressing this correctly. My apologies if I am not. Just before our trip to Italy, (the night before the flight, in fact), I started feeling very doubtful about going. It was as if I had a premonition that something disastrous would happen. I could 'see' the aircraft nose-diving out of the sky just as I did on "Flight Deck" on satellite TV, which showed the European Airbus crashing at the ParisAir show. And I knew we were to travel on a European Airbus.

Also, my former wife was an air stewardess and she had persuaded me to fly with her on a 747 to Hong King after convincing me that a Jumbo could land on only 1 engine, if need be (i.e. if the other 3 failed!), so I thought I'd overcome my fears about air travel, but this was on the proviso that I flew in a 4 engined a/c preferably a Boeing 747, whereas the EAirbus has only 2...

Though I wasn't sure about the advisability of disregarding a genuine premonition by resorting to EFT, which I assumed would only deal with the physical symptoms of panic, I convinced myself that if EFT works by working on energy fields rather than by suggestion, then it would not trick me into feeling Ok about flying to my death, since it would properly align my energy system with the Universal Energy system and it would (I hypothesized) enable me to decide calmly whether to proceed on the journey or not, instead of responding in a panicky fashion to some physical symptoms that I was interpreting incorrectly. I also considered how I would feel if I did not fly on the aircraft but did not prevent Julie and Jonathan flying and it then crashed. It didn't take me long to realize that I would not wish to live if they died in that way.

So I then did the EFT procedure you talked Julie through, using the label "Italy" and a level of 10 to start with. At that start point I was feeling nauseous and panic stricken, but after a couple of rounds it was down to 6. One more round and it was down to 2. At this point I still felt some uncertainty about going, but the physical symptoms had all but gone. I felt there was no point in doing another round as perhaps a level of 2 is normal for someone who flies as rarely as I do! Then I went to bed. Despite the fact that we had to get up early in order to catch the plane, and often I sleep badly when I need to rise early, fearing I might oversleep, I was soon soundly asleep and I awakened before the alarm went off and had a bath before taking Julie a cup of tea!

Occasionally, I still wondered if we should call it off, but was able to dismiss such thoughts as irrational and concentrate on making sure everything we needed was packed, and to keep things moving along in a cheerful way until my brother in law arrived to drive us to the airport. He has an odd sense of humor and soon asked me if I had heard about the Air Traffic Controllers Strike in Italy, on the news. No, I hadn't, but I was sure that if there was any problem about that, the flight would be called off anyway. It wasn't, of course, and we had a very smooth flight to Rome, flying over the Alps in beautiful blue skies with a clear view of the snow-capped mountains a long way below us.

Julie's back survived the holiday too, much of which was spent climbing up very steep slopes to visit famous churches and Basilicas in Tuscany. I did more exercise in that week than in the previous 5 years, I'm sure! But it was worth it. To see the original masterpieces of Michelangelo and stand in St Peter's Basilica, in Rome, was really something special; So I'm glad that I didn't chicken out of it, thanks to EFT and your guidance over the 'phone from LA.

Julie loved every minute of it and Jonathan did too. We wouldn't have missed it for anything. So a very big THANK YOU from us all.

Hugs (heartfelt!),



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