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Fears And Phobias


Fear of worms points to critical "core issue"

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Please study how this case by Dr. Deborah Miller (from Mexico) unfolds. She starts with an aversion to worms and, through expert testing (very important) eventually discovers an important childhood issue. Once this core issue was collapsed with EFT, the fear of worms dissipated completely.

By Dr. Deborah Miller


I'd like to share how an EFT session about aversion to worms led to uncovering the core issues of a traumatic childhood event and the disciplinary actions this woman received as a child.

Dr. Deborah Miller


I'll call her Lola and I started with her fear and aversion to worms. When I asked what she didn't like about them, she said that it was about the way they moved and texture of the worms. She had an intensity level of 8-9 just thinking about them.

We tapped on her fear of worms, the way they move and how they feel. Her intensity level dropped to 5. She said she felt comfortable talking about worms. I wanted to test this calmness so I asked her how she felt to know that I had "compost worms" in my house (which I do). She was ok with that. I asked her how she felt when I suggested that I would go get some and bring them out for her to look at. That brought her intensity level back up to an 8. We tapped on the worms being present in the house and her fear of bringing the worms closer. The intensity level dropped down to a 4.

I asked again how it felt if I was to go get some worms. This time she was ok with the idea. I got up and walked to the area of my house where I have my compost worms. She was fine. I got a bag and brought out a few worms in some of the compost soil. She was still all right. I then brought them close to her. She could look at them, but not touch them. She didn't want the bag too close to her because she didn't want them to touch her or somehow get into her body. I knew this statement was important because it is not logical that if you see or touch a worm that it will get inside of you.

I asked her when she first felt this aversion. You need a little background here. She lives in a country (Mexico) where it was quite common at the time of her childhood that almost everyone got intestinal worms. She, at the age of 6, got worms. She was given a local herbal remedy to get rid of them. She remembers going to the bathroom and seeing the worms wiggling in her feces. At which point she started screaming. Her mother came to take care of her but just stated it was normal. She didn't get a hug nor was she placated for being afraid of having these worms inside of her. We tapped on her experience as a 6 year old seeing the worms expelled from her body. At this point I added a few lines relating to her being a good child even though she had worms and this brought out a big smile. Her intensity level dropped again but didn't disappear.

We looked at the worms again and this time she could touch them, but not hold them. I asked her to tell me more about this incident of having worms and to explain more about the "treatment." She told me the "treatment" was to take a liquid tincture of an herb that has a very strong flavor. In fact it is an herb commonly used to flavor food in southern Mexico. She was forced to take it every 6 months. If she threw it up, she was forced to take another dose and her mother would either hit her with her hand or a strap. (Remember this was about 50 years ago when physical discipline was common.) She remembers being made to sit still just like a doll and not get dirty or she would get hit. Bingo. Now we were getting to the rest of the core issue. We tapped on all of these items.

After this round she voluntarily went for the bag and picked up a compost worm and held it briefly with a calm, peaceful expression on her face.

In this session we started with a fear/anxiety about "worms" that led to a deeper issue related to a particular experience with worms and the "treatment" to not get them again but more importantly how her mother disciplined her and her desire for her mother's love.

Dr. Deborah Miller


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