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"Impossible" Healings

A kidney stone miracle


Definition of impossible:

Where healing occurs beyond the typical reach of medicine and other man-made methods.

The "impossible" pain:

Passing a kidney stone is often considered the single worst pain a human being can endure. In short... it is an "impossible" pain. In some cases surgery or laser treatments are required but, usually, the victim must suffer through the excruciating process despite taking strong pain medication. 

ImpossibleSheri Baker experienced such an "impossible" kidney stone pain and received dramatic relief via The Unseen Therapist. Note that Sheri is the Director of The Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center in the English language and received her impressive healing from one of her Certification students, Claudio Savarin from Argentina. The synergy involved, as well as the artistic communication with The Unseen Therapist is well worth your attention. The full story follows:

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Certification Candidate Uses Optimal EFT to Turn Kidney Stone into Dust

By Sheri Baker and Claudio Savarin

Sheri’s story:

Dear Gary,

Sheri Baker
Sheri Baker

Not long ago I awoke with excruciating pain everywhere in my body, with a concentration in my lower torso. I knew it wasn’t a typical back pain caused by lifting heavy objects because that kind of pain doesn’t make your eyes bug out. On a scale of 0 - 10, I was easily at a 15.

My first instinct was to start EFT tapping. Once I could unscramble my thoughts sufficiently enough to calmly call upon The Unseen Therapist, I did. Shortly thereafter, the pain subsided, alternating between a zero and a one. Intuitively, I sensed it was just a lull in the action, giving me the ability to get myself to an emergency room.

Upon arrival at the ER, the pain reared its head again, slightly less than it did initially, but at a pretty solid 10. A CAT scan revealed a kidney stone, theoretically small enough to pass. If not, then surgery would be required. I thought about The Unseen Therapist and how a kidney stone, regardless of size, would be no match for the power of the universe.

I then contacted Claudio Savarin, an extremely gifted EFT practitioner who I have had the privilege to coach for several months thus far in his pursuit of Complete EFT Certification. I wanted to advise him that our regularly scheduled class the following day would likely be postponed because I might be busy passing a kidney stone at that time.

Settling down to consume the recommended tsunami of water designed to help escort the stone out of my system, I told Claudio I would be happy to accept any Optimal EFT he wished to send my way. With his willingness, we launched into an impromptu class focusing on its surrogate application. He later informed me he felt honored that I would entrust him with spearheading my treatment. In our relatively brief time together, I had witnessed a tremendous elevation in Claudio’s use of Optimal EFT and so my confidence in his abilities was high.

To accommodate my fluctuating physical needs, we decided to exchange relevant information via email only. He asked me for specific events that could possibly be contributing to my condition, and I offered up whatever came to mind.
Throughout the experience, I saw evidence of Claudio’s deepening connection with The Unseen Therapist. For example, when I informed him that the pain was on my left side, he responded, “Yes, I know. I felt some pressure on my left side as well.” On another occasion, I told him that a particular emotion had reduced from a 7 to a 3, and he said, “Yes, that’s the same number I got.”

Perhaps even more astounding was the extent of Claudio’s sensitivity to the nuances of my emotional state after each round. At one point, the sadness I felt about a situation reduced to a 1 out of 10, but would not go to zero. Because of the nature of the situation, this was understandable, and so I was actually perfectly okay with the result. Before I could report this to Claudio, he informed me that he wasn’t getting a number, but instead felt that I was “okay.” Bullseye!

The following is Claudio’s view of the experience:

When I first encountered Optimal EFT, I had difficulties getting quiet and connecting with The Unseen Therapist, even to imagine Her power resolving an issue. Then I started the Complete EFT Certification Program and improvement began to speed up.

Claudio Savarin
Claudio Savarin

Since starting the certification process, my therapeutic abilities have improved, achieving as a consequence faster and deeper results, even with difficult clients. Sheri Baker has been a great guide in this process. She has a deep and detailed management of EFT, a great clarity to explain the central concepts, the ability of giving clarifying examples, but fundamentally she is a wonderful human being, very kind and concerned about my learning. Maybe for all of that, my progress in EFT, especially in Optimal EFT, is moving so fast that I am really surprised.

When Sheri invited me to do some surrogate Optimal EFT for her, I felt I was not prepared for such a challenge. I had obtained wonderful results with some clients and felt my ability to do Optimal EFT was getting stronger every day. But still I hesitated. Eventually I decided that if Sheri trusted me, maybe I could trust myself as well.

As we progressed, I could see how much I was growing in Optimal EFT with Sheri’s guidance in the few months we had worked together. I felt my connection with The Unseen Therapist was getting stronger every day. A person can easily learn a technique, but Optimal EFT is so much more than that. I needed to learn to trust more in the process, The Unseen Therapist, and myself. This intense experience greatly enhanced my trust in all three.

I have started using Optimal EFT with almost all of my clients (before entering the certification program, I used it only with about 10% of them), obtaining at the beginning the same results that I reached with tapping. Soon Optimal EFT allowed me to obtain faster and deeper results than the tapping form, and especially with the most difficult clients. I achieved much better results with a bit more than three months of certification training than with almost two years studying and practicing alone.

Sheri concludes:

Two days after Claudio and I began our work to usher out my kidney stone with Optimal EFT, I passed what looked like a small amount of dusty powder, which I can only presume had once been a rock. I guess it would be appropriate to say that together — with the power of The Unseen Therapist — Claudio and I “crushed” it. I am eternally grateful to my therapists — both seen and Unseen!



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