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"Impossible" Healings

"Impossible" Anger Management in One Session

The Volcano that stopped erupting.


Definition of "Impossible":

ImpossibleWhere healing occurs beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.

Gary's Intro:

My friend, Josue, experienced years of childhood belittlement and abuse and, understandably, developed an "anger volcano." that erupted frequently... usually daily. As he describes in his letter below, one session with The Unseen Therapist brought him an unexpected level of peace that has spilled over into his previously strained relationship with his mother. It also brought relief to his difficulties in the workplace and even his near-constant anger in traffic has mellowed into nothingness. 

These benefits, especially with only one session, are considered "Impossible" with conventional anger management. Typically, this effort takes months or years and often does not produce this quality of results.

Also note that not all anger management issues resolves this quickly with The Unseen Therapist. Often the issues require more advanced efforts... but 3 to 15 sessions is a LOT shorter than months or years.

Here's the video. It is followed by further details in Josue's letter to me.



Hi Gary,

Well, I want to start by apologizing for not getting back to you sooner... but part of it was that I was still unable to believe how good my mom's visit was.

I think this 9 day visit was one of the most pleasant we've ever had, not because everything was peaches and cream, but because even when there were stressors, I was level headed, tolerant, and I could laugh off some of her words and behaviors without having to snap, get angry or scream at her. I was the gentlest I've ever been with her. Even when she messed up the sorting of my laundry, I did not scream at her for treating me like a child, or get mad that a dirty towel I use to dry my feet ended up being washed together with my delicates. I just brushed it off thinking I'd wear them for a bit and if they felt weird, I'd wash them again, and then totally forgot about it.

In all those days, we only had one moment of tension, and it was because she insulted one of my friends, and she then wanted to brush it off as a joke, and I sternly told her to shut her mouth and told her that was no way to joke. but even after that it was a short moment of anger and after she apologized, we discovered that my friend hadn't heard it because he had his headphones on, and we laughed it off too.

I even had to ask her if she felt the visit was different, and she asked, "why do you think I keep calling you? I'm still in love." and that was the sweetest thing. So what you and I did together worked miraculously. I have no other word to describe it, because I was bracing for a raging volcano all through thanksgiving week, but it seems my volcano found release.

I had a couple of Unseen Therapist sessions with her before she left, and I've also had a couple of really good Unseen Therapist sessions after she left . And in one of those, the volcano metaphor became very useful, because I was working on some of those "getting angry at things i didn't do" moments, and I pictured myself as a volcanic island, and the hot angry magma boiling in my caldera, but instead of erupting, the Unseen Therapist was like gentle cold waves crashing upon my shoreline, and a gentle fissure broke open near the border of the island, and the lava gently flowed to sea without harming anything or anyone and the island grew and expanded because those loving waves made the lava settle into the ocean floor.

Some other gentle words came through from one of those sessions. I was noticing that I used to be frustrated all the time, but more recently instead of frustrated, I've been angry a lot. The Unseen Therapist helped me realize that frustration feels like a powerless anger where you can't take action, but anger feels more powerful than frustration...however, when I was debating if I truly needed love to heal or I should just take all that anger and do all the harm I could, her voice told me, "yes, anger is more powerful than frustration, but love is even more powerful than anger can ever be", and there a big chunk of all the anger melted away through the fissure in the volcano and met the loving sea...

Thanks for your time and our last session. All the reframing was spot on and the session pro future peace worked a miracle!

Best regards,



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