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"Impossible" Healings

Chelsey no longer craves alcohol


Definition of impossible:

Where healing occurs beyond the typical reach of medicine and other man-made methods.

In most circles, it is considered "impossible" for someone to stop craving alcohol without the use of drugs or will power. However, Chelsey (last name removed for privacy reasons) managed to do so without even trying. 

As a newcomer to The Unseen Therapist, she used the Personal Peace Procedure on some childhood guilt and shame issues and, then,over the next few days, she noticed that she no longer craved her nightly beers. She never even thought about them. This "side effect" comes from properly collapsing the emotional unrests (her childhood guilt and shame issues) that were driving this addictive behavior. We see echos like this frequently where collapsing negative emotions results in the cessation of pain, diseases and other physical issues.

Here is how Chelsey tells it. A video interview follows her letter.

I am still really new to Optimal EFT (The Unseen Therapist). The first time I used the Personal Peace Procedure was about two weeks ago. And I did it on some events that causes guilt and shame that had nothing to do with my alcohol use (that I was aware of).

I'm not a huge drinker but every night I usually drink one to two beers and I think about drinking on my drive home from work everyday. I also do tend to binge drink randomly, maybe one to two times a month.

As a side effect of The Unseen Therapist, it appears I no longer think about or really even desire drinking. I haven't had a single drink in two weeks. The last time that happened was during pregnancy! Last night my husband brought home a 6 pack and I drank one but it took me an hour to get that beer down! That is really weird for me. Usually I drink one in less than 20 minutes and then have to kind of talk myself out of drinking more. This was not the case. I know it's only been two weeks so time will tell. What was so astounding was I wasn't trying to decrease my alcohol use through the process of The Unseen Therapist. It's a great side effect of the work though!

I am so greatful for you and your willingness to share this with everyone.

Thank you,




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