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"Impossible" Healings

Chronic Kidney Failure Shows "Impossible" Reversal: Blood Pressure Dramatically Improves

Blood pressure fell from 192/120 to 124/72

Definition of "Impossible":

Healing that goes beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.

Hi Gary,

Impossible HealingMy name is Debbie (full name withheld for privacy reasons). I have a story to tell that I believe fits under the heading of “Impossible Healings.” I’d like to share two specific things, and they are remarkable!

First, last September, barely hanging onto life by an emotional thread, I was guided to Sheri Baker looking for some assistance with OEFT. Though we’d never met, I had been feeling Sheri’s “message” for quite some time.

When I first met Sheri, she validated what I was going through. I had hit rock bottom and didn’t know how I was going to make it to the next day. We identified and resolved past events that I thought I had already resolved but were still bubbling below the surface.

Oct 28th, I had a physical to follow up on the uncontrollable high blood pressure I’ve had since 2005 (15 years ago). I also learned I had stage 3A chronic kidney failure and had had it for over twelve years.

For some reason, I didn’t share this news with Sheri until January. We had been working together identifying emotions related to past events, and when I did reveal my recent diagnosis, we then tried to target OEFT at the emotions we thought might specifically contribute to high blood pressure (192/120 regularly) and chronic kidney failure. It’s hard to pinpoint specific contributors, of course, but we gave it our best shot.

In a follow up appointment with the Nephrologist, I was told (ta-dah!) that I have an “unusual” situation where I can reverse my kidney disease from stage 3A down to 2. The doctor told me this is practically unheard of in someone who has been in chronic kidney failure for 12 years. Apparently, reversal even in the early stages is rarely possible, but virtually impossible for someone suffering long term like me.

The doctor said all I have to do is drink more water, lose a little bit of weight, try to do a little more exercise, and poof, I will be good! He was incredibly excited and even a bit giddy to deliver the good news to me. It was precious to watch him. Although I can’t prove it, I know the real truth behind this seemingly impossible reversal is the assistance I’ve received through Sheri and The Unseen Therapist.

The second thing I want to mention has to do with my blood pressure. Prolonged high blood pressure is a serious problem because it can cause kidney issues. During our last session, Sheri knew that I was wearing a blood pressure monitor, and that I had to wear it for 24 hours. But what she didn’t know was that the next day, the doctor gave me the results: average BP is 124/72 with average pulse 70.

Again, the real truth, in my opinion, is that Sheri helped me target certain unresolved emotions that were creating the high blood pressure. She and The Unseen Therapist knocked the ball out of the park! She's amazing and I am so grateful. And Sheri, I am so blessed to have been guided by you to The Unseen Therapist.

With so much affinity,

Follow-up from Sheri Baker, Debbie's OEFT Practitioner:

Hi Gary,-- Have the BP numbers been maintained? Her BP has been poor since 2005. We started working

Sheri Baker
Sheri Baker, Debbie's OEFT Practitioner

together in September 2020 and at the 1/12/21 meeting with the nephrologist, she got the first good BP report she's ever had. It's been taken a few times since then and is still in the normal range. She says she's been on 3 different BP meds, but apparently she hasn't experienced a real drop in BP numbers until now.

-- In response to your request for more information about the "unusual situation" where her doctor said she can reverse the kidney disease. Debbie said it's "unusual" that she can reverse the disease, according to the doctor. Apparently, if someone has had stage 3A kidney disease for as long as Debbie (12 years), the doctor said at best it could maybe stabilize and not get any worse. He told her that in her case she could probably reverse it and because this is something he doesn't normally tell someone, the situation is "unusual." She doesn't believe she would have gotten that unusual news if it weren't for the work we're doing. Her opinion, of course. Sheri

Another followup: 

Hi Gary, I wanted to follow up with you regarding the article about Debbie’s (full name withheld for privacy reasons) “Impossible Healing.”

As a recap, Debbie’s Nephrologist had given her a diagnosis of stage 3A chronic kidney failure and said she had had it for more than 12 years. She had also been dealing with high blood pressure (192/120 regularly) for quite a while.

Readers may recall that Debbie and I had worked on a variety of emotional issues utilizing Optimal EFT. After several sessions, Debbie checked in with the doctor who told her that she had an “unusual” situation where she could reverse the kidney disease from stage 3A to stage 2. He told her this was practically unheard of in someone who has been in chronic kidney failure for 12 years. Apparently, reversal even in the early stages is rarely possible, but virtually impossible for someone suffering long term like she had done.

To facilitate this possibility of improvement, the doctor told her all she had to do is drink more water, lose a little weight, and try to do a little more exercise. He was incredibly excited and even a bit giddy to deliver this good news.

I am happy to inform you that what started as an unusual but exciting possibility, has actually come to fruition.

Debbie is now pleased to report that on 6/1/21, she received some fabulous news. “The doctor said I’ve gone from chronic kidney failure stage 3A up to stage 2,” she says. “That is the first time since they’ve been tracking my labs in two years that I am now out of failure. Woohoo!”

According to Debbie, “That is pretty darn near impossible. And I know it wasn’t just because I added drinking some extra water to my daily routine. There is only one way this could have happened. Sheri, you know, Gary knows, and I know.”

Debbie also had exciting news about her blood pressure. “One other amazing feat is that my blood pressure has been averaging around 117/69,” she says. “Again, another impossible healing because I have been struggling with this since 2003.”

Congratulations, Debbie. Your dedication and commitment to your healing efforts with The Unseen Therapist have paid off!

Big hug, Sheri


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