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"Impossible" Healings

Francoise's "impossible" jaw pain -- all gone in 5 minutes


Definition of "Impossible":

Where neither medicine nor any other man-made method has a true or immediate remedy for an ailment.

The problem:

ImpossibleSometimes we develop unexplainable pains that are excruciatingly intense. We can ingest pain killers or take shots, of course, but these tend to mask the pain rather than neutralize their cause. Further, these invasive techniques tend to have unwanted side effects.

Inviting The Unseen Therapist:

Francoise Vache, from France, developed such an intense pain (in her jaw) and decided to invite The Unseen Therapist before resorting to other means. After all, if it worked, it would only take a few minutes and it would save all the expense and risk of unwanted side effects.

She did this with the aid of Jules, her 7 year old grand son. The result? Success in 5 minutes... and still gone after two weeks. This is "impossible" through conventional, man-made methods.

Not just a simple pain:

Pains of this intensity tend to have a serious underlying cause. They are not just a temporary discomfort that can be easily explained away as being from a momentary stress or a casual accident. In Francoise's case, the pain had been building for 2 months and then shot up to a 30 out of 10 (Francoise's estimate). Thus we can reasonably suspect that it may be the beginnings of serious TMJ, Trigeminal Neuralgia or other "impossible" ailments.

The story:

Francoise tells the story below... followed by a video interview.


Hi Gary,

A new miracle; a small one to me but as, you often say, there are no small or big Miracles!

I had a light pain for two months around a left lower molar every time I would ingest cold food or drink. I was a bit worried about because, about 10 years ago, I had a severe infection in a tooth near the same place, I couldn’t eat and the dentist said the tooth had to be pulled out and of course he prescribed antibiotics. yuk!

Jaw painI was new to EFT (1 year) but learned so much from your Newsletters and DVDs and so reluctant to chemical drugs that I could only trust your technique.
I was at the cinema with the friend who introduced me to EFT and I decided to use all the supports I remembered that I had read and step by step the pain vanished after 40-45mn. I must acknowledge I was persistent as you teach it. I was able to have dinner with no pain at all! The dentist was surprised but didn’t question me. I still have the tooth today and this is why I was worried the problem might recur.

This time, however, it was different. It was more like a neuralgia than a strong pain and, at the beginning I did EFT Tapping. It worked reasonably well except that after a few hours later it would come back and then move up and down along the side of my head. It lasted about 2 months and then suddenly it increased so much (30 out of 10!!!) that I was sure I had to call a doctor.

My grand son Jules (age 7) was at home with me and I told him I had a very strong pain and he said “Mammy you have tears, you’re crying…” I said “yes, so let’s try EFT together…and let’s invite in the Unseen Therapist with her beautiful light.” So I did it for myself while I could see Jules in the hall tapping on himself on all sorts of points (kid points I would say!).

I don’t remember how long it lasted, as I didn’t really believe it would work easily, the pain was too high. But I would say after about 5 minutes, all gone! I was stunned and sure that Jules helped a lot in the process with his innocent confident feeling.

Since then nothing at all! and I've been pain and symptom free for two weeks.

“Thank you Gary” but this phrase isn’t enough.

Love, Francoise Vache



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