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"Impossible" Healings

Michel's Hematoma Vanished Overnight - "Impossible?"


Hematoma before
Michel's hematoma BEFORE the Webinar

Definition of "Impossible":

Where neither medicine nor any other man-made method has a true or immediate remedy for an ailment.

Michel's hematoma:

Michel ​Debruyckere​ from Belgium was recently hit by a car while riding his bicycle. The result was a nasty looking bump (hematoma) on his lower left leg (the size of half an orange). Its blue and yellow discoloring (see before and after photos to the right) emphasized the seriousness of the injury.

Hematoma after
Michel's hematoma AFTER the Webinar

Hematomas normally heal on their own and this one should have taken two weeks or less. However, after two weeks the pain had minimally decreased from a 10 to only an 8 and the discoloration still had most of its sickening look.

Why didn't it heal normally? ​

So, what happened? Why didn't it heal normally? Over the years I have seen many injuries like this where healing is delayed well beyond normal expectations. In such cases, I have repeatedly found that healing is impeded because of underlying emotional issues. Collapse them, which I have done countless times with EFT Tapping, and the healing resumes at a normal pace.

However, finding the related emotional events through skillful uses of EFT Tapping can be a real challenge and typically takes a lot of detective work. As you will see, The Unseen Therapist brought almost immediate healing without all the detective work. 

The Webinar and The Unseen Therapist:

Michel chose his hematoma as an issue to work on while an audience member of one of my Webinars (#34). As we typically do in my Webinars, we invite The Unseen Therapist to bring relief to the emotional issues of a volunteer and, as we work on the volunteer's issues, the audience members (including Michel) work along as though they are the volunteer.

The result is that many, if not most, of the attendees get results on their own issues even though those issues appear different from the volunteer. This is because of one of the central features of Optimal EFT and The Unseen Therapist, namely...

We all have the same issues,
only the details are different.

In Michel's case, working on behalf of the volunteer collapsed whatever emotional issues were impeding the healing of his hematoma. How do we know this? Because the hematoma basically vanished overnight. So did the pain. There is no other explanation.


No drugs, radiation, surgeries or any other man-made method can do this. Further, inviting The Unseen Therapist served to eliminate the detective work that would be otherwise necessary for the emotional relief. And She did it behind the scenes. Further still, there were no side-effects, needles or any discomforts.

If you wish more details, you will find my interview with Michel below.




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