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"Impossible" Healings

Russell Byrne Witnesses "Impossible" Peace in the Prison

"I was literally blown away by his turn-around overnight." 

Definition of "Impossible": 


Where healing occurs beyond the typical reach of man-made methods

Intro by Gary:

A gentle breeze has no enemies.

It does not worry nor does it have doubts or resentments. It just peacefully brings its cooling relief to those who need it. 

This gentle, breeze-like peace (The Unseen Therapist) resides within us but is usually buried under the ego's consistent cries of "me, me, me!" 

Sometimes, though, we allow Her to be heard. And when this happens even the ego's most vicious hurricane is tamed into a calm, healing breeze.

This happened recently to an Australian prison inmate. Russell Byrne tells the story below. A portion of his video interview follows.. 

Love, Gary


 Hi Gary, 

I work with inmates in a prison and something astonishing happened today that I wanted to share. It was the overnight transformation from extreme violence to peace. I have NEVER seen this in the prison setting before and neither have my colleagues. 

I had an interview with an inmate yesterday who had just been told that his ex-partner (the mother of his children) had just sought to extend a domestic violence order which meant that, despite not seeing his kids for the last 2 years, he would now have to wait another 3 years to see them. 

He spent nearly 2 hours in my office screaming his rage at her, threatening to hurt her etc. It is quite common for these men to react in this way to situations like this where they feel out of control. This extreme violence almost always comes from their own childhood abuse and/or war trauma. 

I decided to just sit there and for the most part concentrated on bringing into play The Unseen Therapist in the form of love which I aimed at him whilst he was shouting and swearing. I offered some words of support, suggesting that he try and see her point of view etc. 

Note from Gary: This is a beautiful form of "Conversational EFT" wherein we simply allow the client to spill out his or her issues (rage in this case) while we calmly invite in The Unseen Therapist. While this process requires practice, its rewards can be impressive. This is an advanced feature of Optimal EFT and, among many other features, is taught in our Optimal EFT Course Membership. Those who master it open new doors for themselves and their friends/clients. 

After a while he left my office having shouted and cried in rage and frustration. 

I sat there for a few moments taking his place and bringing in the calming presence of love as best I could. 

Anyway, today I saw him again and he said that he had been thinking about our chat and he had realised that if it took 5 years for him to make the internal changes he needed to make to be a better father then he was willing to do it. 

Also he said that he acknowledged that his actions whilst in the relationship had contributed to his ex-partner still being afraid of him and he had accepted that and made peace with it. His whole demeanour was calm and almost serene. 

This is a rare, if ever, response to a very difficult situation in these circumstances. I was literally blown away by his turn-around overnight.

I know guys who NEVER get to this place or, if they do, it has taken them sometimes years to self reflect in this way. 

Kind regards, 

Russell Byrne 




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