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The Stairway To Miracles

Gratitude Forever

Note: For best results, please read this series in the order presented in the accompanying left hand menu.

Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

It's Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. Great idea. Set aside one day a year to give thanks for our blessings. A healthy practice for everyone. 

But I propose an even healthier idea, namely... 

Gratitude forever.

Gratitude reaches beyond thanks. It is a far grander concept that can immerse us within a profound level of personal peace. At its loftiest level, gratitude is an attitude of love that reaches into every corner of our thoughts. And, I suggest, it should be an everyday... or forever... state of mind. 

One day per year is not enough. 

Stairway to Miracles
The Stairway to Miracles

Its presence is profound. It creates within us a cascade of caring chemicals that counteracts the cause of every disease. It regales our relationships and restores them to the royalty they deserve. And it serves to slide us up the Stairway to Miracles and silently softens our useless facades. 

Gratitude is our greatest gift... and it gathers glory as its gladness graces the globe.​ There's also something poetic about gratitude and this has led me into the following temptation to "expanditude on gratitude." Please forgive my indulgence and the playful play on words. I hope it cements my point. 

Consider puppies: They are gurus of gratitude and we can emulate them as we exude "puppitude." They show us that gratitude is love accrued and becomes the food for the multitudes to enjoy peaceitude, loveitude and joyitude. 

Gratitude should have a magnitude where we conclude about every dude the renewed beautitude that they (and we) needitude.

Properly viewed, gratitude will keep us glued to servitude. And this will bring us more happitudes than the getitudes we tend to practice. 

The Unseen Therapist lives in a state of gratitude forever and, since She is within us, She can guide is in this glorious direction. We must, however, learn to listen and THAT is what we are about with Optimal EFT. 

Gratitude forever, Gary


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