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The Stairway To Miracles

Lessons From Multiple Personalities

Note: For best results, please read this series in the order presented in the accompanying left hand menu.


" personality has, for instance, an allergy to cats, another personality is completely free of that same allergy. Yet both personalities... exist within the same body."

Here is yet more proof that we live in an illusion. 

Stairway to Miracles
The Stairway to Miracles

The immense power of our beliefs is far beyond our awareness. Nonetheless, evidence for them abounds. As you know by now, quantum physics has been telling us for decades that we are all connected into a grand state of Oneness. Thus the world of separation, that we so obviously perceive, is but an illusion... a figment of our imaginations... a belief. 

It isn't really there. 

We have literally believed into existence a world filled with separate things, including people, all seemingly independent of each other. In addition, we have also believed our diseases into existence and can also "believe them away." 

This "disease-belief" is clearly shown by people with multiple personalities. A long list of case studies have shown where one personality has, for instance, an allergy to cats, another personality is completely free of that same allergy. Yet both personalities... 

exist within the same body.

How can this be? 

The only feasible explanation points to beliefs. One personality believes it is allergic to cats and the other doesn't. 

Over decades. the case studies are filled with such examples. Different EEGs, different visual abilities, different handedness, different responses to the same medication, different cerebral blood flows, different autonomic and endocrine functions... and on and on and on it goes. 

Marion Bilich, PhD:

We are privileged to have among us Marion Bilich PhD who has experience dealing with "multiples" and tells a fascinating story of her patient, Susan, who was basically incapacitated in a hospital with severe pneumonia. During the hospital stay one of her other personalities, Monica, found herself attracted to a male staff member. And so, with no sign of pneumonia whatsoever, Monica, leaped out of bed and went chasing down the hall after this man. 

Marion expands on this story in a segment of one of our Webinars. Here's the video.


Case studies:

With further gratitude to Marion, she provides us with a brief collection of these case studies for our perusal. 

Review of the research as of 1996 on medical and physical differences between different alters, such as different allergies, responses to medications, EEGs. 

Changes in visual acuity with different personalities. 

Different responses to medications. 

Difference in EEG coherence. 

Ponder this - do we all have "multiple personalities"?:

If, indeed, different personalities have different states of health, different beliefs, etc. do we not all have "multiple personalities" when it comes to our beliefs in separateness and Oneness? Don't we believe in a state of separation while, at least for now, submerging our belief in our natural state of Oneness? And thus isn't our natural state of Oneness but a belief away? I hope you see that because getting to this profound belief is the ultimate goal of our Optimal EFT Course Membership.


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