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Questions and Answers

A Question About Narcolepsy


Gary Craig logoCan The Unseen Therapist help my friend?

She has serious narcolepsy and is exhausted most of the time. She becomes drowsy easily and needs to sleep way beyond normal. This is particularly distressing because she is a great person. She, through sheer will power, overcame alcoholism two years ago… and now this.

She has tried everything but is losing hope. Further, the Mayo Clinic says there is no cure for it. Further still, I understand that, in narcolepsy, the immune system actually attacks and kills/eliminates brain cells/neurons. That causes the disease.

Is it hopeless?



To me, there is great hope and I give my reasoning below.

But first, please recognize that I have no medical training and thus I am not advising you to go against a physician’s advice. Rather, I come at this as a Stanford trained engineer… and… as the founder of EFT with over 20 years' experience in these matters. Accordingly, I am looking at this through a different set of glasses.

While I have great admiration regarding your friend’s abstinence from alcohol, I suspect the narcolepsy is related to her alcoholism. Let me explain.

Typically, alcoholism reflects a need to escape from:

  • Fear of the world and all of its insecurities, abuses & dangers and/or
  • One’s own haunting memories of trauma, guilt, grief, fear and other unwanted emotions..

These are emotional causes, of course, and become the driving force behind the need to anesthetize all this with alcohol. Using will power to overcome alcoholism, while laudable, is inefficient because it addresses the SYMPTOM (the urge to drink) rather than the CAUSE (unresolved emotional issues that need tranquilization).

Narcolepsy, in my view, is like alcoholism in that it allows one to escape the world and one’s haunting memories (via sleeping instead of alcohol). Thus, I suspect your friend has replaced her “solution” to the emotional issues with sleeping instead of alcohol. And, until she resolves the true CAUSE, she will either have to live with the narcolepsy or revert to alcoholism (or use both) as a means to escape.

Also, you state in your letter, “Further still, I understand that, in narcolepsy, the immune system actually attacks and kills/eliminates brain cells/neurons. That causes the disease.” This, I presume, is a medical view. As an engineer, I don’t see how this “immune system attack” is a CAUSE. To me, it is just another level of the SYMPTOM. To find the true CAUSE, we need to discover what causes the immune system attack.

Fortunately, The Unseen Therapist is unimpressed with all these man-made efforts to find CAUSE. She knows that love, and the profound personal peace that comes with it, is the ultimate healing source for every ailment we seem to manifest. That’s why aiming love (via The Unseen Therapist) at your friend’s unresolved emotional issues holds out a realistic hope for her. It needs to be skillfully approached, however, and that’s what my Free intro E-Book, The Unseen Therapist and our Optimal EFT Course Membership are all about.

Hope this helps, Gary

© Gary Craig
All Rights Reserved


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