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Questions and Answers

An MD asks, "Why do you abandon medicine?"

Hi Gary,

I've started reading your e-book, The Unseen Therapist, because it may help me with the health issues I am having. I am a 79-year old retired MD. I tried your EFT before with some limited success maybe because I was not fully convinced that it could help me. 

I am now on page 22 and I have to stop for a while and ponder on your statement on dropping medicine (as practiced by MDs). I have to recall the great efforts I had before I earned my MD and I said to myself that mainstream medicine can never be abandoned. What about the infectious diseases where only specific "man-made" remedies are needed to treat them? I believe The Unseen Therapist will be used on non-communicable diseases which now greatly outnumber the communicable ones. 


Thanks for your note. I am happy to respond. 

I'm not sure where you read that I said to abandon mainstream medicine. If you can point it out to me, I will be happy to correct it. To the contrary, I heralded physicians for their dedication and tireless efforts in becoming MDs and dealing with the never-ending demands of patients. 

The thrust of my comments was that the typical medical approach doesn't address true causes. In fact, doctors readily admit that true causes for the vast majority of our ailments are beyond their understanding. This is plainly evident by looking for true causes on This does not mean we should abandon medicine. It does mean that, where feasible, we should use The Unseen Therapist BEFORE resorting to invasive drugs, surgeries, radiation and the like. 

She has extraordinary healing powers that, once mastered, go well beyond those of medicine or any other man-made healing method (and this includes infectious diseases). She also represents an entirely different approach. However, we are just beginning to learn how to borrow from Her powers and thus it would be foolish to abandon other avenues, at least until we perfect our communication with Her. 

So, what I'm saying is to use The Unseen Therapist FIRST. After that, see if the more radical methods are necessary. In many cases, the medical approach will likely be unnecessary or minimized. We are compiling lots of evidence in this regard, some of which are detailed in my book. 

Hope this helps, Gary


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