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Questions and Answers

Can We Ever Not Be Sad About Broken Relationships?


Gary - do you think we can ever not be sad about broken relationships? Is it possible to just accept that some relationships end, and that's entirely okay, and there be no need to feel loss and grief? Does feeling the connection with all things, alleviate the 'need' to attach to one person where we get this need fulfilled? 


Gary Craig logoIdeally, we can be perpetually happy… never sad. But that would entail climbing to the top of our Stairway to Miracles (complete enlightenment). This is a lofty OEFT goal, of course, and most of us, during our lifetimes, will not get all the way there. WE CAN, HOWEVER, APPROACH IT and, the more we do so, the more will sadness, loss and grief fade into nothingness.

One of the major mistakes we make in this seemingly separated world is to seek love outside of ourselves. Thus we look for, and connect with, certain people, pets, etc. through which we experience a form of special love. This is NOT the all-encompassing, unlimited spiritual love that is our true reality. Rather, it is human love that carries with it conditions and limits. Our need for love is so great that we tend to invest ourselves in these outside forms and, when they fade, we often become sad and grief-stricken.

The Unseen Therapist represents our spiritual love hidden within and, through OEFT, we are learning to bring Her beauty into our everyday lives. As this happens, we develop greater levels of peace, our thoughts become quieter, physical ailments subside, and our eyes shimmer with a new softness.

To draw from your own words, this connection with all things alleviates the need to attach to one person. Instead, our need for love becomes fulfilled from a grander source that includes our “special loves” in a new, freer light.


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