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Questions and Answers

Help With My Husband's Erectile Dysfunction And "Washed Up" Issues

Hi Gary,

Gary Craig logoMy husband had colon cancer surgery last year and has residual side effects such as chemotherapy, neuropathy and now erectile dysfunction. He is also on anxiety pills which we know reduces his abilities.

Several years ago we believe he had a mental breakdown and has never been the same since. He stated his emotions feel so fragile. The cancer didn't help. GC COMMENT: in EFT terms, this points to the underlying CAUSE of his many issues. Nervous breakdowns and other serious emotional problems come from unresolved emotional issues from the past (traumas, rejections, guilt, fear, anger, resentments, etc.). We all collect these over our lifetimes… no one is immune. Any doctor will tell you that negative emotions like these trigger a cascade of “negative chemistry” (my term) that, over time, manifests itself in countless ailments. Your husband is likely experiencing this.

Fortunately, the proper use of EFT can address these emotional CAUSES and bring peace to your husband and the resultant fading of his many issues. It won’t happen overnight, however. There are likely many past issues to deal with (we call them specific events) but benefits are likely.

He now has the attitude towards himself of who is going to want to employ a 58 year old washed up guy who's had cancer. GC COMMENT: I would like to see this shift to, “I’m a cancer survivor but now look at the spectacular things I’m doing with my life.” This may seem impossible, but I would urge you to study our “Impossible” Healings for a peek at the possibilities.

I miss the intimacy with my husband as he doesn't even want to try to be with me as he fears he cannot perform whatsoever. His enthusiasm from a few EFT successes may well shift this.

I am a firm believer in tapping.

How can I help him? What are some tapping statements that, if he is willing to tap with me, can help him? GC COMMENT: Tapping statements, as you call them, are lower-level forms of EFT and I don’t teach them. You will find them all over the internet because they sell well. However, they are surface approaches that are likely to go nowhere for your husband. They are like band-aids or aspirin in that they can be useful for lighter ailments. But they do not CUSTOMIZE the process to your husband’s issues. That would be essential for him and takes High-End skill and training.

My suggestion is that you start with my latest advancement, Optimal EFT. It should give you a solid foundation and point you in the right direction. It is advanced, spiritually oriented, goes beyond tapping and anyone can do it. See "NEED MORE HELP?" below for your various options.


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