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Questions and Answers

The "Quick Fix" Myth of EFT

Gaining solid physical healing 

"Love is the ultimate healer. Develop it first and let solid physical healing follow in its time. Results tend to be deeper, longer lasting." 

Hi Everyone, 

Patsy Anthony
Patsy Anthony

Thought you might find interesting this correspondence between Patsy Anthony and me as we discuss the "quick fix" myth of EFT. Patsy is a newer member of our Optimal EFT Course Membership and had been trying EFT Tapping for years to overcome some serious physical issues. Her results were useful, but temporary, and thus she felt like a failure. 

With The Unseen Therapist, however, she is gaining a new perspective on what really underlies physical healing. Our correspondence follows. 

Cheers, Gary


Hi Patsy, 

Your letter below is particularly useful for EFT’ers who keep searching for a “quick fix.” While a few find it with the lighter forms of EFT Tapping, most do not… or… the result is temporary/partial. I must admit that I fell into this “quick fix" trap in the early years because most of the feedback I received was from those with this type of success. 

I didn’t realize until much later that most others were either failing or falling short… and they didn’t want to report it. Thus, EFT gained an illusory “quick fix” reputation which has fooled many into believing this EFT fiction. The general belief for EFT Tapping goes, “Just tap on the meridians, say some magic, or scripted, words and EFT Tapping will fix everything.” 

No. This is a bogus belief. 

As you so eloquently point out in your letter, Patsy, with Optimal EFT (The Unseen Therapist) we are customizing the immense power of the spiritual dimension (love) to the individual. No magic words or scripts. We are aiming at our specific underlying emotional causes and creating greater levels of peace within ourselves. This, in turn, releases an overburdened immune system to restore physical harmony and fade our various physical ailments. 

My further comments within your letter below in red

Big hug, Gary 

Hi Gary, 

I have been catching up on past OEFT webinars, and have been noticing those members who feel unsuccessful and frustrated with their physical healing, especially when comparing themselves with others whose results have been more remarkable. GC COMMENT: As noted above, this is a reflection of the “quick fix” expectation for all things EFT. We tend to expect/want the immediate results of others and, when they don’t occur, we tend to consider ourselves failures. We forget that many people’s readiness and the complexity of their issues vary widely. Resolution awaits, of course, but it is often lost to impatience.

Since the beliefs of “I’m not good enough”/“I’m a failure”/“Something is wrong with me” are so rampant among us, a perceived lack of success could well be working against many of us in our endeavours to heal our physical health. GC COMMENT: Amen. And this, too, is addressable via The Unseen Therapist.


Admittedly, I felt like a bit of a failure when I began this course because I believed that success meant physical healing, and that something was wrong with me because the evidence I was seeking wasn’t showing up. OEFT helped others to heal. Why not me? I began this course with a crumpled spirit, and most importantly I wanted to heal this. GC COMMENT: Excellent perception. You were measuring the symptom rather than focusing on the emotional cause(s). Shifting this focus is what our new process is all about. Love is the ultimate healer. Develop it first and let solid physical healing follow in its time. Results tend to be deeper, longer lasting.

So I chose to stop searching for evidence of physical healing to prove to myself that OEFT was working and that The Unseen Therapist cared enough about me to help me. I took physical healing ‘off the table’ so I wouldn’t beat myself up for not succeeding. GC COMMENT: Right on!

I focused on the words of you and Sheri during past webinars, regarding physical healing and the reasons one might not be seeing any results. I chose to shift my goals from reclaiming my physical health to opening my heart to loving, accepting and forgiving myself and others and developing a loving, trusting and grateful relationship with God.


Once I shifted my goals and definition of ‘success’, results became noticeable. Instead of seeking physical evidence for healing, I chose to focus on how peaceful, loving and forgiving I was beginning to feel toward myself, others and life’s experiences and circumstances. This lifted my spirits, which in itself is healing. GC COMMENT: As we discussed previously, the times when your physical symptoms subsided were when you were “away from it all” on a cruise ship or involved in other peaceful experiences. Here is your obvious evidence that lack of stress allows your immune system to do its job.

Gary, you have emphasized the importance of focusing on healing specific emotional events time and again rather than aiming at one’s physical challenges. I agree 100%. Body follows mind and spirit. Gratefully, I am experiencing a happier heart and a more peaceful acceptance of life’s events and challenges through our work with OEFT. And ….bit by bit …. my physical health is improving :) GC COMMENT: And as you grow in this pursuit your happier heart is likely to show up in further reduced physical symptoms.

For those of us with physical issues who are “beating ourselves up” for not healing fast enough, or are not yet seeing results, I have been in that space more than once in my life, and would just like to encourage all of us to shift our measurement of success from physical healing to emotional/spiritual healing. Acknowledging, accepting and resolving specific events from the past is allowing me to (1) love and accept myself (disease and all), (2) bring peace and forgiveness to past experiences, myself and others, (3) develop a connection with the Universal source of Love (the Unseen Therapist) and (4) experience small but encouraging steps toward physical wellness. GC COMMENT: Beautifully said.

Everlasting thanks to you, Gary.

Patsy Anthony


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