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Questions and Answers

The Unseen Therapist and a balding issue

Hi Everyone,

Elaine Christy had exceptional results using the Unseen Therapist for her balding issue. But later, the problem returned and became even worse. What happened? Here's how Elaine and I discuss it.

e-hugs, Gary



Hi Gary,

I have been using the Unseen Therapist as directed in your book - before that I had been doing the tapping method. My biggest concern is that I am going bald - as a female that is horrific. I have had thinning hair for years but the past few months has been traumatically noticeable and I can no longer hide bald spots.

When I first started doing the Unseen Therapist method I had amazing results - my hair, seemingly overnight, looked fuller, thicker and NO bald spots showing through!!  People noticed!  This lasted for almost one week and then boom - it all disappeared and became even worse.  I went from elation to despair.

I am continuing to do the work but so far no change.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Best, Elaine


Hi Elaine,

Thanks for your important question.

My book, The Unseen Therapist, is introductory in nature and gives you a solid opening look at the healing possibilities for accessing your healing power within. However, it cannot address the more sophisticated levels that your issue requires.

The Unseen Therapist is all about reducing or eliminating the baggage of negative emotions... and she does it beautifully. All physical healings, from bald spots to cancer, are echoes of how well we clean our emotional slate.

The likelihood in your case is that you cleared a surface issue and that gave you impressive, but temporary, results. However, the true cause remains and, until it is resolved, the balding issue will remain as well. Finding the true cause is where our more spectacular results emerge. Look for specific events involving deeper emotional issues, perhaps from childhood or just before your balding symptoms started.

You may need additional training and for that I suggest The Optimal EFT Course - Online Training From the Founder.

Best, Gary


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