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Questions and Answers

What EFT Protocol Should I Use For Type 2 Diabetes?


My wife lately was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. I use EFT often on my various issues and most of the time I get good results. I searched the internet and found that there are many EFT protocols for dealing with diabetes, I really don't know which is most effective. Could you kindly suggest me an effective EFT protocol to lower her blood sugar, and how many time a day should we practice the process?


Gary Craig logoFirst, I urge you to upgrade your EFT understanding.

Your question is a common one and reflects one of the many EFT dilutions that permeate the internet.

The dilution you ask about here launches off of the erroneous belief that there are specific EFT protocols for specific ailments. Thus you are seeking a precise EFT protocol for your wife's diabetes that would, perhaps, be different than EFT protocols for asthma, phobias, panic attacks, cancer, anger management and thousands of other human ailments.

This belief, quite understandably, comes from the medical profession where multitudes of symptoms are gathered together and separated out into different labels, including type 2 diabetes. Then different remedies (drugs, surgeries, radiation, etc.) are assigned as remedies for each of these labels.

EFT has a MUCH DIFFERENT APPROACH. Rather, I view all of our ailments as having ONE CAUSE, namely, unresolved emotional issues (guilt, anger, grief, etc.) that manifest as different symptoms (ailments). Since the CAUSE is the same, the REMEDY IS ALSO THE SAME. Most EFT dilutions on the internet are not aware of this important fundamental. That's why you see so many protocols.

Thus we take aim at resolving those emotional issues. Doing so brings peace to the system which, in turn, allows your immune system to bring balance, and thus health, back into the body.
So, the protocol you ask about is the same for EVERYTHING. You first explore with your wife the various emotional issues that require resolution. Then properly apply EFT to those issues. To do this well requires up-to-date training, but anyone can do this.

Start with my free intro e-book to our latest advancement. This should open the door for you. The link to this book, together with links to other options are given below.

Regards, Gary

PS: Always consult physicians on all medical issues.


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