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Questions and Answers

What To Do About My Chronic Anxiety?

 Dear Gary,

I have had a chronic anxiety disorder for more than ten years and nothing has helped. I have had several therapies, including EFT Tapping, and tried medications such an anti-depressants and anxiety pills (the pills usually caused side-effects like diarrhea or more serious anxiety). I seem to be anxious about everything. I worry endlessly about my health, finances, guns and just about anything you can name. More recently I have developed numerous pains in my back, left arm and chest.

I hope you will kindly give me advise to deal with the pain and anxiety either with the Unseen Therapist or Classical tapping. 

Thanks, "Charlie"  (name withheld for privacy reasons)


Hi Charlie,

Like you, many people have developed a string of anxiety-related issues, complete with physical pains and discomforts. Typically, they come from childhood experiences (we call them specific events) as well as various parental, religious and other hand-me-down beliefs. Fortunately, these causes can all be resolved and thus generate freedom for you across all these issues.

Hot-air balloons
Your personal hot-air balloon can soar to freedom

However, resolving these issues requires High-End uses of EFT where you can explore and collapse, the many causes from your past. This is where High-End uses of EFT can excel and where your personal hot-air balloon can soar to freedom. It is unlikely that classical tapping on the symptoms will give you any more than temporary results. Apparently, you have already experienced this.

So let me get you started. 

If you haven’t already done so, please read my free intro e-book, The Unseen Therapist. It gives you a solid intro to this High-End EFT level as well as a beginner's instruction in this advancement (The Personal Peace Procedure). Here you will learn to identify the specific events underlying your anxiety and can collapse them with The Unseen Therapist. Boatloads of people have gotten impressive results from just this entry-level exposure. 

If you wish to go further you can:

  • Engage the services of one of our High-End EFT practitioners.
  • Join our Optimal EFT Course Membership where you can, through our unique immerse-ucation process, learn to collapse them on your own. This latter process is transforming the way to learn EFT. Through it, you learn to immerse yourself into High-End recorded sessions so that (1) your education at these high levels “soaks in” while you (2) simultaneously gain dramatic benefits for your own issues. You can also learn to ask The Unseen Therapist directly regarding the true causes of your anxiety.

However you choose to do it, the freedom that awaits you is priceless.

Cheers, Gary

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All Rights Reserved


Gary CraigRead my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist for a solid understanding of our latest advancement, Optimal EFT.

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