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Aliss's Remarkable Immerse-ucation Benefits

"Now I'm still digesting and adapting the new me, I'm in the euphoria of being free, diving here and there in this course. Excitement and gratitude."

Hi Everyone,

Aliss Tami, from Indonesia, is a Member of our The Optimal EFT™ Course - Online Training From the Founder and, like many other Members, has been using our Immerse-ucation process to both help herself and learn this High-End process at quality levels. Immerse-ucation, if you are not familiar with it, is my unique education process that artfully immerses you into a series of Advanced OEFT lessons combined with High-End Self-Help Sessions. There is nothing like it, anywhere.No school, university, corporation or government does anything comparable to this online, do-it-yourself process.

Below is Aliss's experience. Note that she is 60-70% improved on difficult self-image issues. This is so, even though she is a beginner and only part way through the process.


Hello Gary,

Here are my Immerse-ucation reports

It's been a month and I have amazing improvements after doing Sharon and Maite's sessions within the Immerse-ucation process. It not only collapsed many useless beliefs but also gave me practice (and confidence) in communicating with The Unseen Therapist.

Communicating with The Unseen Therapist:

1. While doing Maite's session, I made list things to ask and discuss with you and, intuitively, I watched Kathleen Lowndes' webinar ... it was jaw-dropping. Everything on my lists were answered (by You, Kathleen and Sheri). I can parallel Kathleen's experiences with mine about arrogance, superiority, level of spirituality and forgiveness.

2. When I started doing Marcia's Self-Help Sessions, I somehow felt her sessions were more advanced... and Hooray, I'm so ready to meet the resistances that keep me stuck. The beliefs are so subtle and light but operate in my system.

4. I'm doing the Carole Self-Help Sessions now, and, again, I can feel the resistance to stop me not to moving forward. I intuitively open the EFT tapping material in the OEFT course and picked the John session (war trauma and breathing issue) and I got it. Your reframe to John is the message for me about the misunderstanding of seeking love. Wow.

Overall improvements from my issues around 60-70%, I feel more peace as well as less self-criticism and self-judgment. It has dropped to around 2-3 (it was 10, attacking my self).

Now I'm still digesting and adapting the new me, I'm in the euphoria of being free, diving here and there in this course. Excitement and gratitude.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gary

Love, Aliss