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An MD shares his EFT journey

Hi Everyone,

Franklin Sluijters, MD (from the Netherlands) shares his long term journey as he followed EFT from the early years to our current advancement involvinig The Unseen Therapist.

e-hugs, Gary


 Dear Gary

Here is my response to and also my appreciation for your e-book "The Unseen Therapist."

In 1999 was my first contact with EFT at the Annual Convention of the National Guild of Hypnotists in Nashua ( N.H.). Marilyn Gordon – she is on one of your first free CD Roms - gave a demonstration of EFT and I happened to be the subject. From that day I got fascinated by this new approach. As an M.D. with more than 30 years experience as a family doctor the bioenergetic approach of human communication came as a complete surprise . In medical school I had been programmed in looking for physical symptoms, coming to a diagnosis and prescribing a pill or surgical interventions. In short: a pure symptomatic biochemical , mechanistic approach of the patient. In hindsight this had nothing to do with Healing. Energy was not in the curriculum.

I wanted to know and learn more about the energy body and began tapping in my practice and "on every corner of the street." Sometimes my wife and children got a bit tired from my enthusiasm.

In the meantime they are convinced and promoting the power of EFT.

In 2001 I went to the first European Energy Psychology Conference in Switzerland – a gathering of
all kinds of energy techniques and pioneers in the field. One of the presenters was Donna Eden. Her book "Energy Medicine" has become a bestseller. The same as the late Candace Perth's book "Molecules of Emotion." And I like to mention Richard Gerber's book "Vibrational Medicine." For me as a physician this wasacomplete unknown territory!

I became a member of the Association of Energy Psychology and a couple of months later I was in your workshop in Toronto where you presented for the first time the Borrowing Benefits as a side effect of EFT. The impact was another blow on the mind : the insight that our thoughts and intentions have an immediate sensed and perceived effect on ourselves and our fellow beings by changing the body's energy system. I began understanding your definition of emotion as energy in motion, however it still took a couple of years before a really understood the meaning and the brilliant simplicity of your concept of "the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's electrical system."

From there it is a logical step to understand how long lasting negative emotions are the underlying cause of all kind of physical ailments and diseases. When the energy (the Life Force ) cannot flow through certain body parts, our immune system gets exhausted at the end. Nowadays we call this chronic stress. Here comes the healing and restoring power of the energy work into play!

I went on further developing my hypnotic skills to search for, understand and heal the beginning of these emotional disruptions . Hereby EFT can be of great help!

During all these years I also did my best to keep up with all the new fascinating scientific research in quantum physics and Consciousness.

This brings me back to Marilyn Gordon. From her book 'Extraordinary Healing' I mention two quotes of part three "Higher Consciousness : the next Dimensions of Healing": 'The ability to shift perception is a gift of higher consciousness' and "Love is a frequency band that changes the rate of vibration of everything it touches."

And this makes the circle round . You yourself, Gary, wrote the foreword!

In my my opinion Optimum EFT and the concept of the Unseen Therapist is exactly bringing in the right Healing Frequency .

Thank you for your inSpiration during all those years

Franklin Sluijters M.D.
the Netherlands


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