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Lessons From A Congested Chest

"I got a vision of me walking through life like a light figure with a protective golden shield of light around me which also radiates to everything around me."

Dear Gary,

Today, I started the day with a short meditation that I normally do, where I invite The Unseen Therapist, or rather thank Her for being there and setting my intention to listen to Her. I do that by recalling a loving moment and then ’expanding’ my stillness with the help of tapping.

Then I aimed to get release for my somewhat congested chest and lungs (which was there when I woke up this morning; like a cold coming on, only situated deep in my chest).

I visualized a loving healing breeze, and immediately the word ’resistance’ came up in my head. Then The Unseen Therapist told me I was holding onto resistance and She guided me through what it would be like to let go of all resistance… what if I just trust her, hand myself over…  ’imagine what it would be like to never have anything hurt or harm you’ and I got a vision of me walking through life like a light figure with a protective golden shield of light around me which also radiates to everything around me. Beautiful experience.

Then, an ex colleague showed up in my mind, and her unrest, (I know her situation and frustration) and I focused on her and her issue and brought her unrest down with The Unseen Therapist (visioned it as an unwanted vibration in her chest, that slowly faded with cool breeze from me and The Unseen Therapist).

Then I was guided to check in on my congested chest and lungs and it was cleared, all gone, a zero. Wonderful!

Three hours later I checked again; Chest and lungs were ok. However, it had moved; I now had a stuffy nose.

I then immediately did a super short session (max 2 minutes) on that and got it partially cleared (80%). Decided to give it some time.

1 1/2 hours later, the stuffed nose was 100% cleared, but a slight irritation in my throat had come up. So I did a super short session to clear that as well. I checked that 1hour later - throat 100% ok! Now, in the evening, several hours later, all symptoms are completely gone.

Now, this is not a miracle…I’m just glad I got rid of the cold. . But, what this showed, which makes all the difference to me, is that...

  • it is not the TIME spent (the UT takes care of anything in no time - it all depends on how willing and ready we are. We might need more time…).
  • it is not the HOLINESS, but your willingness (you don’t have to spend time in a session until you FEEL something special. Also, you don’t have to feel something special to bring in the UT successfully, or ’say the right words’).
  • the UT guides us perfectly, no matter the ’size’ of the matter.
  • I got this!

So, again; thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love, Jessica Ljung


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