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Newbie's Heart Issues Improve Quickly With The Unseen Therapist

Intro from Gary:

Bonnie Smith-Yackel is a newbie to Optimal EFT (OEFT) and, to date, has only (1) read my intro e-book, The Unseen Therapist, and (2) practiced with the Personal Peace Procedure a bit. Nonetheless, she noticed some impressive gains in her heart functioning and shares the experience below. Not bad for a beginner.


Good Evening, Gary,

I cannot say I have been super diligent in my Unseen Therapist homework, but nevertheless I have been surprised by noting improvements in my physical ailments list. The major improvement I have been noticing is that my heart's ejection fraction has obviously improved considerably. My struggle to clear my chest of accumulated phlegm every morning has diminished a lot--which tells me my heart is keeping up with the fluid retention in my lungs.

Today, for the first time in more than a year, I was able to walk more than one mile without feeling faint or struggling with shortness of breath! I walked slowly, and rested when I felt the need, but setting out, I never expected to walk so far, or feel so good while doing so!

There are more improvements, but my heart's improved pumping capacity is the biggest one, and seems to be continuing even beyond one week. That in itself is remarkable.

Bonnie Smith-Yackel


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