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Sharon Clegg's Impressive Release From Childhood Abuse

"...limitations that kept her in an "emotional prison.""


Gary Craig logoStarting at very early ages, Sharon was sexually abused and had repressed those memories until they eventually came back with a vengeance at age 43. For the next 20 years she struggled with fears, low self-worth, shyness and a long list of other limitations that kept her in an "emotional prison."


She became a Member of our Optimal EFT Course about 2 years ago and has successfully embraced The Unseen Therapist to bring relief. This effort reached a peak in a recent Webinar that I gave for our Members where Sharon and I worked directly on "what was left" of the issue. Her letter below describes her journey.




Hi Gary,


I have waited until now to give feedback because of the incredible changes I am experiencing. I re-ran both the Webinar and our Skype follow-up.




Your reframe around filters is having major effects on me. I find myself considering my filter on many things - most especially the one through which I view myself - with incredible results. 


Also, the reframe around my intelligence and my learning of the skill to communicate with The Unseen Therapist has given me a MASSIVE shift.


My desire to have and nurture this skill is greater than ever as I too believe it to be the highest value skill available in this world. I now recognise how blessed I am to have had this opportunity of learning from you. 


In addition to all of this, my outward behaviour has immediately begun to change:


I have reached out to a lady who has lost her partner and made a gentle connection.  I came across another lady whose husband was abroad when lockdown hit and has been away now for 6 months - I invited her to come and eat with us.  Today my husband is visiting someone's house and I said I'd like to go too!!!!!!!!!


This behaviour is the absolute opposite to where I have always been. I feel so good. So whole. So completely one with all of these people. 


Also, because of these things which were visible to my husband and daughter, we began talking and they have convinced me that I have been helping and healing people (In a non-physical way) all of my life. I am happily stunned, shocked and incredulous!!


Finally I understand the message from The Unseen Therapist which I brought to you ...


Unwillingness to see THE self (not myself - but THE self)


Life is truly amazing and you, as my teacher, are a truly amazing friend and I thank you sincerely for being in my life. 


Love and hugs Sharon xx 



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