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Sleep Issues, "Rules," Solid Skills And The Unseen Therapist

"Sleep and pain issues have been tormenting this lady for years and she has developed the belief that nothing will help. I found it very important to instill hope and shift the belief that this is fixable." 

Gary's Intro: Andrea Partridge, from Australia, is one of our active The Optimal EFT™ Course students You will see her skills displayed as she asks questions in our correspondence below. Many insights here. My responses are in red


Our correspondence:

I enjoyed your last Webinar, Gary. This session report leads to a question at the end.

I did a session on R. addressing her anger towards her husband that had been stored for years and us originally thinking this was causing her insomnia and pain issues. The first session on this issue was all about clearing specific events relating to this anger with the homework to use any triggers from her husband as a sign to go deeper. The problem is never the problem. I instructed her: "Notice and link it to an event that made you feel this way' or 'what does this remind you off' going back into your childhood. Yes, of course. The "problem" is almost always a SYMPTOM of a deeper issue. Developing the ability to link back to foundational events, which you are doing so well, takes you into the real-depths of quality healing.

When checking her sleep issue the next session she answered: "I had some good night sleeps, even until 06:00 am in the morning which is unusual and some really bad nights again", giving me the impression she felt her sleep is still bad and nothing is helping this because she has been working on this for years. I said: 'so your sleep has improved by 50% then, seeing you told me last time your sleep is really bad and this time you had some good nights?"

Her response was one of surprise. I highlighted the fact (you often talk about) that we are good at looking what needs doing while totally forgetting how much has been done. Thanks for highlighting this. It is sooooo true. Clients, including ourselves, tend to focus on what's not done yet and often forget about their numerous substantial improvements with The Unseen Therapist. Sleep and pain issues have been tormenting this lady for years and she has developed the belief that nothing will help. I found it very important to instill hope and shift the belief that this is fixable. This innovative scenario you created also acts as a quality reframe wherein hope now becomes possible. As you said, we are powerful enough to stop Unseen Therapist from healing us due to our beliefs. I will explore her belief on: "my sleep issue will never be fixed" next time and might start with this.

Giving the session over to Unseen Therapist led us to something much deeper when following the trail of thoughts, she 'pops in our heads'. This is a way of communicating with The Unseen Therapist. At first, we may think that these thoughts are of our own making. Eventually, however, we begin to realize there are too many and they are of higher quality than we could normally expect. This is a big step toward realizing this spiritual power that lies within us... begging to be activated.

The anger issue towards her husband led her to notice that this is actually about her fear just before her husband explodes scaring her. Getting into this fear lead back to her fighting with her sister when growing up. When this was explored, she noticed all this anger in herself when growing up because she felt her sister was getting more attention than her. What does this say about you? Answer: "that I am not lovable". When suggesting other beliefs that might be linked to this, she surprisingly noticed that "I am not important, I don't count, I am not enough and that there is something wrong with me" are also hidden beliefs. Right on! You are moving her from the shallow end of the EFT swimming pool beyond the deep end and into the vastness of our therapeutic ocean.

We then just focused on 2 events form her childhood where she felt unloved by her mum and dad. We also talked about 'the rule issue' you explained in your last webinar with R. noticing that her rule of how she needed to be loved was different than the rule her dad had. We all have "rules" for countless experiences in our lives. However, we are rarely aware of them and thus are unlikely to share them with others. As a result, we tend to travel through our lives with our "rules" being "violated"... or so it seems. She is fully aware logically that she has been loved by her mum and dad but never got any hugs and physical validation of love which was her rule. We invited UT into these scenes with me guiding R. to sit on her dad's lap and her dad telling her what she needed to hear. Excellent. R. found this very comforting saying that she has never been able to imagine sitting on her dad's lap (UT was there helping, I guess). When trying to leave this scene, I felt like R. needing more time there and was reminded of the way I heal when going into these past traumatic events.

I checked with R. to see if she feels she needed to stay there longer, which was a 'yes'. I explained that I often experience the following when inviting Unseen Therapist into a scene from my past: She gives me comforting images with her being there shining her healing light into the scene and I feel like staying there. I get on with my normal life and check this scene whenever I remember over the next few days. I often stay with the comforting image, surrendering, letting Unseen Therapist do her job, receiving. We all need to spend more time with The Unseen Therapist. Great rewards for doing so. Also, RECEIVING is a key many of us ignore. Love cannot be properly shared unless it is also RECEIVED.

After a few days of checking the scene, it just changes by itself and moves on. This is The Unseen Therapist working "behind the scenes." It happens a lot and often goes unnoticed. For example, I worked on an issue I had worked on many times before and got a new aspect that had been totally hidden for years and not addressed at all yet. I saw myself totally exhausted with Unseen Therapist hugging me, comforting me, understanding me, loving me unconditionally, healing me with her light. I did not want to leave this comforting, healing scene once my quiet time was up. I just wanted to keep it, check it over the next few days and get into the healing image whenever I remembered. 3 days later when checking this scene, I was able to get up and walk into the next scene that was linked, revealing yet again new aspects I had not worked on before.

I felt led by Unseen Therapist to encouraged R. to check the healing scenes of sitting on her dad's lap and her mum caring for her when sick as a child (another painful event) over the next few days to continue to fill her empty love tank and healing work and report back to me if this is helpful to her. I personally find it very effective and healing but know that it is not a taught practice. This is why I thought I report this session to you and see what you think. Solid work. We need not "constrain" The Unseen Therapist with "our ideas." If the client is getting results from a loving path, stay on it. I felt totally guided by Unseen Therapist (or is my ego interfering here?). I know when you guide us in any way, you guide us back to the now. I also know that in hypnotherapy one always gets counted back into reality. Any feedback, please let me know. Thank you, Gary. 

All my love, Andrea