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Spiritual Experiences

Anne Ryan on "gentle" spiritual experiences

Anne Ryan, from Ireland, gives us her insightful perspective on spiritual experiences. She writes...

"I have been thinking too about "awakenings" and how many people describe them as a sudden moment or experience, like you had many years ago. There seems to be less written about those of us who gently stir and stretch and yawn our way into being awake. Perhaps the more sudden experiences are so defined and powerful that they are clearer. It struck me recently that maybe there are many people waiting for the dramatic moment and they may be missing that they too are wakening up, only in a softer, more gentle and less noticeable way."

This is an important distinction because only a small percentage of us have had the larger WOW experience that people portray so enthusiastically. Most of us make gradual moves toward awakening and don't notice them until months later when they have built into something substantial.

In the video below, Anne and I expand on this topic and then explore ways to handle challenging cases.

e-hugs, Gary

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