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Spiritual Experiences

#10: Fee Berry's spiritual experience included everything.

Dear Gary,

20 years ago when I was walking down the local high street pushing my daughter, who was about three months old at the time, in her pram, I was suddenly taken out of my body and found myself way above the rooftops. I don't know what my body was doing - I presume just standing stock still! I had the feeling of being merged with God... I was both myself and God, and was aware of other people too, within God. It answered a question I had long worried about - whether the aim of incarnation was to merge with God, and whether that involved total annihilation of one's personality and individuality.

The feeling I had was of overwhelming love for everything in existence - with my own consciousness, I was surprised that this love included the roof tiles, the things we think of as inanimate, as well as the people, birds, everything around me. It was all bathed in love, I was bathed in love, I was part of God, but I was myself.

And then it was over. It seemed impossible that people were around me, still going about their business, oblivious to the experience I had had. I don't remember if I shared it with anyone at the time. I think it took me a while to process what had happened.

My path has led me throughout my life to the next thing I needed to know, just as I needed to know it. I resonate with the information in your Optimal EFT course and will do my best to put it into practice. I have listened to the Bashar channelling and the four laws he talks about - I am (you are), one is all, all is one,, what you put out is what you get back, and everything changes except the first three laws which never change - speak to me too. I understand that all we have is the eternal now, he talks about the idea that everything is happening in one moment, it is just that those moments are strung together by consciousness in such a way that we have the illusion of time.

In our illusion of time, I have had a couple of experiences which lead me to believe that reincarnation, or simultaneous incarnations that appear separated by the illusion of time, are a real phenomenon. In the work of Brian Weiss and Roger Woolger and Michael Newton is the idea that sometimes a patient who has an unresolved problem may find the answer in a past life, and may receive complete remission of their problems following a regression to that past life. I don't currently understand the mechanism or why this is sometimes more effective as therapy than other ways of dealing with it, but I wondered if there was a place for extending the possibility that there are effects from past lives which may be having an effect on us now?

To live and function in the material world, which must have a purpose, even if it is an illusion, one must talk in terms of time passing and things existing - even if we understand that all of it is an illusion, we are here for a purpose and I think we should not lose sight of that. Our higher selves must see a purpose in our sojourns in the material world, and therefore we need to do the best we can in the time available to truly be ourselves. Although an awful lot of the connections, loves and passions of our lives may be transient and connected to our current lifetime, I do believe that there is some purpose in the illusion which must be working for love, in some way, somehow.  [Note from Gary: According to A Course In Miracles, our major purpose here is to learn Forgiveness, i.e. to recognize that this is all a dream, forgive it and go home].

Fee Berry