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Spiritual Experiences

Mireille Fruin's "Blanket full of love"

Hi Everyone,

There are many ways to experience The Unseen Therapist. In this case Mireille Fruin gained access through Reiki (a spiritually oriented therapy) and experienced a "blanket full of love." She describes her profound experience and says, "All this brought me an all-pervading sense of well-being, of trust and of being so totally understood, loved and surrounded, and yet so totally free at the same time." 

Note that the benefits of The Unseen Therapist are all pervasive but not everyone experiences them in the same way. Thus Mirielle's exquisite moment may or may not become a reality for you. For example, your results may occur subtly over time and may not be recognized until you look back at the remarkable changes in your life.

e-hugs, Gary


Hi Gary, 

One early summer morning, around 5 a.m., about 13 years ago, i was awake in bed and decided to give myself some Reiki. As I was doing this, I started feeling a bit chilly, so I said: "well, Reiki (Unseen Therapist), do you think you might send me some warmth?" The next thing I knew, about 30 seconds later, was that I was indeed feeling a wonderful warmth permeating my whole body. Immediately after, I found myself as if floating in the air, and seeing a lovely "blanket" of tiny clouds appear, much as one might see from an airplane. I was then made to know that the real material this blanket was made of was Love... 

Then, I found myself suddenly, somehow, floating, yet held, in this wonderful space and I was made to know and feel that there was Love and only Love in this (endless) space, there was a total 'knowing' of me,-the knowing including a heavy problem I was struggling with at the time - a total loving and understanding, and I was 'told' that this struggle was - indeed - an illusion ("not there") and that everything was only just and precisely how it was supposed to be at this perfect moment, where time as we know it does not exist. 

All this brought me an all-pervading sense of well-being, of trust and of being so totally understood, loved and surrounded, and yet so totally free at the same time. 

Just to remember it, and trying to tell someone about it makes me helplessly grope for words that do not exist and often brings tears to my eyes. Yes, we want to stay there, but it seems to me that expressed in earth-time, the duration of this life-changing gift from God can be counted in seconds. Then 'pop', the soap bubble disappears and we are back down here. But with a precious memory to carry with us. 

I cannot thank you enough for letting me tell you about it - however inadequately, but you know how that is. 

Yours, with immense gratitude for all you do, 

Mireille Fruin 

PS: I want to add: when "back here" I indeed realized that, during this out of the world experience, I was "me" (not in my body) and at the same time part of the Love that was holding me and all around me and letting me understand what It wanted to let me know.


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