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Spiritual Experiences

#7: Suzan Proia had two Spiritual Awakenings

Hi Everyone,

Suzan says, :"Each of these shifted my life in such a way that my outlook was permanently changed. I feel blessed beyond words to have had these Awakenings."

e-Hugs, Gary

Aloha Gary,

I have experienced at least 2 Spiritual Revelations. I refer to them as Awakenings. One occurred while I was completely awake, on Thanksgiving a year ago. I was thinking about my blessings and the precious friends in my life when my heart suddenly opened up and I was overcome with Unconditional Love and pure white light. It filled me like a wave and brought me to my knees, with tears of Joy streaming from my eyes. The experience lasted about ten minutes, but the afterglow was with me for days. It was pure Bliss.

I also experienced a Revelation during a guided meditation in a meditation group meeting. My account was published in the Maui Vision magazine and is included below.

True Love Never Dies
by Suzan Proia

On a warm New England night, I arrive at my meditation group gathering. I am a new widow seeking solace; a life raft on a sea of sadness. The members settle in, each lost in their expectations for tonight’s guided meditation. Our hostess’ voice draws us into relaxed breathing and another reality. We are instructed to meet someone we love who is on the other side.

I am flying over the treetops, soaring beyond the clouds, until I land softly in an expansive white palace covered in diamond dust, without ceilings, light streaming through stained glass. Robed figures sit before me; they are friends and relatives who have departed. One at a time they approach, embrace me and wordlessly share their loving thoughts.
Suddenly, my late husband materializes. It is a shock to see him so vibrantly alive, I am overjoyed. His love is palatable, and he wants to share what happens on the other side when individuals connect with someone they love. My husband “tells” me to come as close as possible until we are touching. We melt together, merged as one. He is filled with sacred, unconditional love in the form of intense white light. When this brilliance is fired through me, it is too powerful for my closed eyes. Vibrational energy floods me, every nucleus in every cell orgasms into pure joy. It lasts forever, or is it a second? My fear of death dissolves, I know that true love never dies.

A voice calls me, I can barely will myself to return yet I am back in the living room. My body begins to tremor uncontrollably. Tears begin with no sound, just release. I cannot explain the profound beauty of what I experienced. There are no words to adequately honor what has happened. There is relief, hope, awe, and peace. Life is forever changed.

Each of these shifted my life in such a way that my outlook was permanently changed. I feel blessed beyond words to have had these Awakenings.

With gratitude and much aloha,
Suzan Proia