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Spiritual Experiences

Suzanne Gieseman describes her spiritual communications in a Webinar

This Webinar features Suzanne Giesemann, who has developed an extraordinary ability to communicate with the spiritual dimension. It contains many fascinating questions and answers that are sure to open your eyes. Topics of interest given below. It is being made available to both our Optimal EFT Course Membership and the public.

Please consult physicians on all medical issues. 

 Topics of interest: 

0:00:00 Gary introduces Sheri Baker and Jeannie Hall. Jeannie gives her experience with Suzanne Giesemann.

0:06:02 Gary introduces Suzanne and asks a few foundational questions. Suzanne responds.

0:23:40 Angie asks about the growth of the soul. Suzanne responds.

0:25:10 Helle asks if it matters how long ago someone may have died. Can they still be contacted. Suzanne responds.

0:28:32 Kathleen asks about spiritual dimensions. Suzanne responds.

0:31:32 Nancy asks Suzanne about the connection between her work and that of Optimal EFT. Suzanne  responds.

0:39:30 Joe asks Gary about the difficulty in using the Unseen Therapist to heal a long standing serious illness. Gary and Suzanne respond.

0:48:38 Susan asks about parts of ourselves existing in eternity. Suzanne responds.

0:50:35 Karen does readings for others with good results but wonders why she doesn't get the same results for herself. Suzanne responds.

0:53:24 Claudine is a nurse who acknowledges that diseases are emotionally based. Suzanne responds.

0: 57:18 Carol wonders if she is "making up" the messages she writes down as a result of her meditation. Gary and Suzanne respond.

1:02:30 Ana wants to know how her departed loved ones are doing. Suzanne responds.

1:04:33 Dave asks about what kind of focus is necessary when The Unseen Therapist is brought in. Gary responds.

1:08:05 Patsy asks about "signs from the other side" regarding departed loved ones. Suzanne responds.

1:12:22 KC asks for tips in getting her brain to stay quiet. Suzanne responds.

1:13:23 Joanie asks about the afterlife and our beliefs. Suzanne responds.

1:17:21 Gary, Sheri and Suzanne sign off.


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