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Borrowing Benefits: My Jury has returned with a verdict

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This article by David Lake, MD from Australia puts yet another exclamation point behind EFT's highly useful "Borrowing Benefits" concept (highly useful for those who want to experience many of EFT's benefits without formally learning it). He puzzles over some of the theory involved and adds his own innovations (including "continual tapping"). Also included is a letter from one of his workshop participants who cleared a height phobia using the Borrowing Benefits process.

Hugs, Gary

By David Lake, MD

When I participated in the Gary Craig's original Borrowing Benefits workshop in Flagstaff, AZ, I was not sure whether this new technique would turn out to be a winner. After all, if specific focus is one of the cornerstones of EFT then 'less focus' should be no improvement. And what about the "Thought Field"? All I could decide at that time, after the workshop, was that "something" positive was happening. I decided to investigate further.

In our own EFT workshops, Steve Wells and I have allowed for plenty of experimentation with group tapping and borrowing benefits. We also have used our own "Provocative Therapy" style of accelerating this process, coupled with much "continual" tapping. Continual tapping is where the meridian stimulation is done consistently throughout most of the session, and not just done sporadically while you address the issue. Thus it is an ongoing background treatment too.

The result in a group is an obvious shift in the intensity of many problems and sometimes the elimination of a problem-outside the awareness of the person or group member! Some of the intense small group experiences from using these techniques together have accelerated the 'borrowing of benefits', it seems to me. Here is one typical example:

Feedback From A Workshop Participant:

Hi David,

I had some great insights, regarding my own sexual issues, emerge late this afternoon following today's (group tapping). But what was more interesting was my realisation that I was not reacting to the group. Normally, with regards to this topic, I would have dissociated and wouldn't have been able to discuss anything without becoming very emotional. However I felt nothing - it was great.

I have only done EFT on one specific incident relating to my sexual issues and that was at Gary Craig's Borrowing Benefits workshop. I did need to spend about 1 extra hour to clear different aspects however I've not done any EFT on the core issues. So I'm really pleased that I have clearly had the results I have.

I know there is more work to do, but I realise I have options in how I go about it. I feel much safer about it.

Also I knew that I had cleared my height phobia without doing any direct tapping on it. That became clear when I went to a concert (with very high-up seats) and was seated in the back row. I only realised I was OK when I noticed some people several rows below, grabbing the backs of their seats, facing away from the stage and shuffling sideways towards the exit with grimaced looks. They were scared.

What really pleases me is that my issues are being diffused as I continue to work through seemingly unrelated problems. It certainly makes me want to continue as the benefits are far greater than I expected.

Thank you

So my jury has returned with a favourable verdict. I wonder whether the real focus is an unconscious one-so the tapping helps rebalance what is most important. Or does the Borrowing Benefits "instruction" act like an instruction to the subconscious mind? Is it all working in the body because the mind is not as involved as we thought?

Many thanks for another practical innovation in EFT which is both simple and productive.

Dr David Lake


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