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Nothing in my traditional medical training in Anatomy, Physiology or Pathology even hinted at what I am now witnessing (with EFT) - Chuck Gebhardt, MD

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This eye opening account by an American MD should be sent to physicians everywhere. It gives clear evidence, at least to me, that EFT should often be used BEFORE drugs, surgery, radiation, etc. are recommended. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Chuck Gebhardt, MD

I am a traditionally trained American physician who has been using a somewhat modified version of EFT for about six months.  As readers would expect, I have been seeing great success and tremendous value to my patients.  Gary and I recently discussed some of my experiences and he encouraged me to share what I am finding with the members of this site.  By the way, I want to take this opportunity to thank Gary and all of the many contributors to this newsletter.  These reports provide extremely valuable insights and information.

I will start with a story about a patient of mine. I will call him Bill and entitle the story: “A flu shot gone wrong.”  Before I get into the details, though, it might be helpful if I describe how I incorporate EFT into my practice.  I specialize in Internal Medicine and I am one of six physicians in a private practice in southwest Georgia. 

I typically treat my patients as I always have, but if they are experiencing acute discomfort during our visit I will try to treat the discomfort with tapping or pressure on acupoints (if circumstances allow).  Before I introduce this technique, though, I examine, diagnose and treat all important problems as I usually do, including their acute problems that I am about to target with a new and unusual intervention after the traditional work is done.  Now for the story.

Bill received a flu shot by my very able assistant with no initial problem.  He is a sixty year old gentleman whom I treat for hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.  He is otherwise completely healthy, well balanced and down to earth with no psychological problems of any kind. 

Early the next morning he called and reported that within hours of the shot his left arm began to throb with pain and swell.  He did not call earlier because he didn’t want to bother us and he figured it would go away after he took some Ibuprofen.  The pain was severe enough that he didn’t get much sleep that night and he was even worse when he finally decided to call.  The swelling he described was dramatic enough that I became concerned about the possibility that it might compromise the blood flow or nerves supplying his left arm (technically termed a compartment syndrome) so we asked him to come right in to be examined.

In my office, the area of swelling was the size of about a half of a hard-boiled egg (very dramatic indeed).  It throbbed and hurt him so badly he couldn’t stand for his shirt sleeve to touch it.  It was intensely red and very warm to touch.  His temperature was 100.5 and he had beads of cold sweat on his forehead (called diaphoresis).  He also now felt bad like he actually had the flu (this is called malaise). 

Thankfully, his blood flow and neurological function was fine along with his breathing and ability to swallow.  His blood pressure was good but his pulse was up a bit at 105 bpm.  I diagnosed the obvious, an acute localized reaction to yesterday’s flu shot that was acutely painful but not life threatening.  I prescribed an antihistamine, pain medicine and a steroid dose pack to be started immediately and instructed him to call us right away if he had any trouble breathing or felt like he might pass out.

As he was about to leave with his prescriptions in hand I decided to tap on some of the meridians on his head, left shoulder and left arm to see if I could relieve his discomfort somewhat until the medications would take effect.  I used my usual bridge about “acupuncture without needles” and he responded: “Sure doc, anything that might help, I trust you.” 

Tapping on several spots seemed to help a little but when I tapped on the inside of his left elbow at a spot that acupuncturists call L5 he said: “Wow!  That is helping a lot.”  Over the next 30 seconds, while I continuously tapped on L5, the inflamed, swollen lump shrunk to about one tenth its initial size, the redness faded and it stopped hurting. 

His low-grade temperature and diaphoresis resolved and his feeling of malaise was also gone.  This response was jaw dropping amazing for both me and for him.  He even pounded on the previously exquisitely tender spot with his fist to show how well it now felt.  His grin was ear to ear.  When I saw him again about a month later he said the pain and swelling never came back so he didn’t see any need to fill the prescriptions I had written for him.

This was one of the most dramatic responses to acupoint stimulation I have witnessed, but it is only one of many I see on a daily basis in my practice.  I think it is important to emphasize that Bill had never even heard of energy therapy or any similar technique and his only expectation before this response was that I thought my tapping might help with his pain. 

Nothing in my traditional medical training in Anatomy, Physiology or Pathology even hinted at what I am now witnessing.  As you know, anyone who watches these dramatic improvements knows immediately that our previous understanding of how our bodies and our minds work is in need of important revisions and re-directed research.  This is very exciting.  Keep up the good work everyone.


Chuck Gebhardt, MD


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