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A Lesson in EFT Intuition--Letting it flow through you

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

In our video set Steps Toward Becoming The Ultimate Therapist, and in most of the video sets thereafter, I emphasize the use of intuition in the EFT process. In essence, this involves "getting ourselves out of the way" so that we can allow our intuitive resources to provide insights. Properly done, this is an elegant feature of EFT that allows healing to occur THROUGH US rather than BY US.

We all have intuition. It is one of our greatest gifts. However, we don't always trust it and thus, for some, it lies dormant and unexercised. This is regrettable because it closes an important door for some of our clients.

Jayne Morgan-Kidd, in this brief article, describes how she trusted her intuition and just "let it flow." The result was a very important insight that turned the corner for her client.

By Jayne Morgan-Kidd

Hi Gary,

I had a client who had been in a verbally abusive relationship for quite some time and had made the decision to leave. However, she was very upset about having to give up on this relationship. We started with

'Even though I have to give up my hopes and dreams...'

'Even though I feel this bottomless pit of sadness...'

She was still very upset and told me that she felt at fault. She said, "I feel like I was the 'bad one'."

I started:

'Even though I'm the 'bad one' ... and she said 'No, I'm not the bad one. I know I'm not the bad one. I just feel like I'm the bad one!

I didn't see the difference and I felt I was on track so I persisted and asked her to trust me:

'Even though I'm the bad one, I deeply love and completely accept myself.'

Then when we went to the points (shortcut), I began letting go of the process. This is what came out of my mouth:

'I'm the bad one... It's all my fault.... Bad dog... Bad dog.... Bad, bad, bad... swat me with a paper... bad dog'

I looked up at her (hoping she was still there) and she said, 'You got it exactly right. I feel like an abused puppy.' Well, I would never have come up with that one on my own, never in a thousand years.

We did a few rounds on 'Even though I feel like an abused puppy...' and she began to have some compassion for herself. We finished the session with some rounds of positive affirmations. She left my office feeling much better.

Gary, sometimes this stuff just takes my breath away.

Love, Jayne


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