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Katie's posture and her many emotional issues

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Jacqui Manning from Australia tells us about her client, Katie, and how clearing her many emotional issues resulted in transformation and an improved posture. As Jacqui says, "Her posture improved out of sight."

Hugs, Gary

By Jacqui Manning

Katie came along to one of my presentations at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney, and participated in the brief workshop (I only had half an hour!). It basically involved teaching the shortcut EFT method and encouraging the audience to focus on a minor pain or tension in their body.
At the end of my talk, as I was checking in with people to see how they were after a few rounds of tapping, a young girl, Katie, mentioned that the pain she had been tapping for, had increased and she now had sharp pains shooting up her neck!

GC COMMENT: In my experience, when pains "get worse" with EFT, we have a big clue that there are underlying emotional drivers involved. As you will see, this was the case here.

Obviously, not wanting to leave her in this state, I spent some time tapping with Katie for:

"this shooting pain"

"this emotion my neck is struggling to let go"

"even though it's painful to release this pain" etc.

We settled her down to a 2 or 3, which I was happy enough with, considering she was previously at a 9 or 10! She bought a 'Pocket Guide to EFT' (by David Lake and Steve Wells) and I encouraged her to come to a private session with me, as she wanted to really work on her posture.

When I met Katie, she was somewhat hunched over, and not aligned, in that she leaned to one side. She felt that doing the initial tapping had helped her release some intense anger towards a family member (her grandmother) which she'd been struggling to acknowledge, let alone resolve.

We did some tapping for any remaining tension around...

"releasing the remaining Grandma from her neck"

"even though she's been a pain in my neck for years"

"I choose to let Grandma go"

...and she felt enormous freedom in her neck, building on the release from the MBS Festival.

She came for several private sessions, and by the second one she said she was no longer having "nasty thoughts" about her grandmother, which was a huge achievement for her as her anger towards her grandmother had dominated her mind and emotions for many years. Also, Katie's first couple of sessions with me were difficult to follow. She talked a lot, telling me stories of past pain including sexual abuse, without much coherence or sequencing.

In one of our early sessions, she brought up a belief that she had had at school, which was that she was "thick." So we did some polarity tapping for "I am thick" and after one round, she said "But I'm not!" and looked more confident in the way she was holding herself.

Following a couple of sessions, Katie started to transform.

Her posture had improved out of sight, and she looked more relaxed in her face, was able to look me in the eye much more and we were able to conduct a more structured session, with Katie's stories having a beginning, middle and end.

Another powerful session focused on visualising her damaged womb (from child abuse) and tapping through:

"Even though I was hurt & scratched"

"Even though I reject my womb and womanhood, I deeply love and accept myself"

"Even though being a woman is painful I love and accept myself".

She had previously visualised her womb as a black, painful place, but following our session, she saw her womb shaped as a heart emanating a beautiful pink light spreading through her body.

Katie is a fabulous client, doing lots of homework in between sessions (and augmenting the EFT with visualisations and meditations) and very committed to healing.

We are still working together, and she appears as a different person to me (after 6 sessions) and it is testament to the fantastic work EFT does as well as to Katie's commitment that she has achieved such amazing results. I look forward to seeing Katie achieve her dreams!

Jacqui Manning


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