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Quadriplegic feels "bubbles" during EFT session

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Here is some unusual evidence regarding the existence of the body's subtle energies. It is these energies, of course, that we believe we are influencing with EFT.

Along these lines, Elizabeth Spencer applied EFT to Randy Smith (a quadriplegic) for some emotional issues. During the EFT process, Randy, who cannot normally feel sensations from the chest down, experienced a bubbling sensation coursing through his body that increased and decreased in parallel with his emotional issues. Active EFT students should find this fascinating.

By Elizabeth Spencer

Dear Gary,

Last week while showing a good friend how to do EFT, he had a rather remarkable response to the tapping. I'm curious to find out if you have ever witnessed a similar occurrence.

Randy is a quadriplegic at the C5-6 level and has no feeling in his body below chest level. He has more control over his left arm than his right. GC Comment: Because Randy has reasonable control over his left arm some might consider him tetriplegic rather than quadriplegic. For the past 15 years he has spent a lot of time studying a wide range of subjects and is always ready to explore new ideas, so EFT was just one more interesting area for experimentation.

We decided to work on the remaining emotion connected with his accident. We came up with a set up phrase, and then as he began to tap on the eyebrow point, he said, "I can feel that going down my body", as he put his hand on his hip. As he continued to tap more points, the energy would follow different routes. He said it felt like little bubbles running down his body. As far as I can remember, the paths seemed to follow the general meridian paths that I studied a long time ago in a kinesiology class. I could however, easily be wrong on that point.

We were both amazed and delighted. After the initial shock and wow, we continued working through the emotional memory clearing. As each aspect would clear, his awareness of the energy moving in some area would also clear and stop. Talk about an easy way to know when some aspect was covered!

After he had cleared most of the emotional feelings associated with the accident, there was still a bubbly effect in his feet and legs. I wondered if it could have been associated with his failed effort using his feet to stop his malfunctioning motorcycle just before he was thrown off. So we started again trying to address any still hidden feelings, when he suddenly threw the word "guilt" into the setup phrase we were saying. At that point he said the energy in his feet and legs really became much more active. So we started tapping on all the many aspects of the guilt he had felt over the years for the resulting problems his accident has caused for his family. I added some reframing and reality testing and very quickly both the emotional intensity level and the bubbling effect subsided. He said the feeling seemed to flow right out through his feet and then was basically gone.

With those first few taps, the process of EFT suddenly became almost visible for me. I never cease to be impressed with the results people can achieve with EFT, but for me, this situation seemed to actually verify the physical WAY in which it actually works as nothing else ever has!

With great appreciation, Elizabeth Spencer


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