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What to do when your client is beset by an "evil monster"

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Kathleen Sales's client was "visited" by an evil monster within her imagination. Such cases, of course, can be very challenging. In this case Kathleen "got herself out of the way" and let quality guidance come "THROUGH her rather than BY her."

Hugs, Gary

By Kathleen Sales, CBT, CCHT

Hello Gary,

This was an absolutely AWESOME session!

My client came in and sat down. I immediately said to her that it looked as though something was wrong. She looked extremely sad. This session was about removing an evil monster from a person's mind.

My client began to just spout words, "Battle against (her words) good and evil, the evil monster keeps coming because it doesn't want me to know happiness or see good. As soon as we find a place of peace for me it hides, it doesn't go away it hides. It doesn't like that I'm trying to find my true self and heal my inner child so it comes out and shows me how strong it is and how it's never going to leave me alone. And as soon as we work together it hides again."

She was sobbing profusely. Covering her face and crouched into a fetal position. I just allowed EFT to work through me and not by me, the words just began to flow as I either tapped the points or rubbed the sore spot or karate chop point, whichever was easiest to reach. Also many of the points I used where either the top of the head, the wrist and finger points and the ankle point because they were the only ones I could reach.

I'll do my best to recall at least some of the phrasing and words used because it was absolutely incredible and we truly made some awesome progress. We brought her to a true place of peace and understanding that she had the power to take responsibility of her own life.

As she was sobbing either rubbing the sore spot or tapping on the karate chop point I said something to the effect of "even though I have all these problems and some of them are unknown, I don't even know what to do, what to think, what to say. I accept all my feelings as they are and completely love myself anyway. And even though I have this evil within me, it's like a monster that won't allow me to know happiness or love . I ask and allow love and forgiveness to enter into me creating a flow of safety with ease. Even though this evil monster won't leave me alone and as soon as I find it, it runs and hides, I ask and allow forgiveness of it, myself and anyone else that has anything to do with all my problems as I love and accept myself just the way I am."

Tapping on bits and pieces of the phrases, such as ...

- All these issues
- Even the unknown ones
- This evilness within me
- The monster that won't let me go
- The evil monster that's hiding within me
- The battle against good and evil

Rubbing the sore spot and/or tapping the karate chop point, "This evil monster that has such a hold on me, it's so strong I don't think I can win. This evil that is within me, fighting in my head, it won't let me go, it won't let me know happiness or peace. This evil monster that thinks it's smarter than me because it hides as soon as I find it, as soon as I know it's there it goes and hides from me so I can't get rid of it" and endings such as "I deeply and completely love myself and fill myself with protection and safety from the Universe and beyond" "bringing in lots of bright healing white light, the Divine light of love and protection. I deeply and completely forgive myself for anything I've done to contribute to this, taking responsibility and allowing forgiveness of anyone else including the evil."

Tapping the points with words such as

- This evil within me
- It's so strong I don't know what to do
- I don't know if I can manage it
- This evil monster has such a hold on me and it won't let me go
- It won't let me know love and happiness
- This evil that wants me to only know torture and sadness
- This evil monster that's hiding, hiding behind the shadows
- It won't let the light touch it, know it
- This evil power over me

And then continuing to tap in the positive such as

- I deeply and completely love and accept myself
- I accept full responsibility of my life
- Bringing in lots of love and light from beyond
- I ask the monster to leave me alone, to give me back my life
- I allow myself permission to take back my own life and fill it with love and safety
- I ask and allow the healing white light to flow within me with ease
- Bringing me the true feeling of unconditional love
- I love and accept myself and all my feelings
- Allowing forgiveness of self and everyone else that has anything to do with all these issues
- Allowing forgiveness of the evil as I find it and ask it to leave me now
- Allowing the evil to find the light
- To feel the love and safety of the light
- To come out of hiding and know that it is going to a better place
- And providing me with my own space, love and happiness that I now deserve

When I asked her where she was she said "in the light" I said good, remain there. Allow it to fill you and experience it. You are free now. We tapped the spots (including the face and torso points since they were available to us now) with "I am free. I am safe and full of light and love. Free and peaceful. I love and accept myself and my freedom. I give easily forgiveness of myself and everyone that had anything to do with this. I give freedom and forgiveness to the evil monster"

I then placed my hand over her crown chakra starting with actually touching the top of the head and noticed by the time we were finished that my hand had on it's own raised up probably around 3 inches slowly over time, feeling the intense heat of the energy flowing I asked her to imagine a bright color, any color and she said pink (which is perfect because it's very healing and comes from the heart) and I said to go ahead and put that evil monster inside the pink ball of light allowing it to leave your body and transform as it is lifted up through your crown chakra into the white healing light out into the universe and beyond. Taking it to Source, Creator, All that is and allowing the Creator to show it love and forgiveness and it is now safe and protected giving you full freedom. Returning that healing white light down through the universe into your crown chakra and penetrating throughout your body, taking it deep into the Earth through your feet. Feeling the flowing energy mixing throughout your body, the grounding energy from below and the healing energy from above as you are now free.

I asked her where she was now. She sighed big and said all I want is to be held. So I took her in my arms and held her for quite some time. She began rocking back and forth, obviously her inner child was there and feeling very comfortable of me and the situation at the moment, trusting and accepting loving touch.

We talked about a few things afterwards. She had a lot of inner realizations happen. When I asked her about the evil monster she said it was gone, it was free and so was she. She decided that it was definitely time to allow her new "true" self to be part of this world. To look at things with different and open eyes.

She also mentioned that she couldn't believe that she asked to be held. She said that she would have never done something like that before now. She told me that she now knows what love feels like. Real love and she's actually feeling it for the first time ever in her life.

Wow! I'm glad I was able to experience this transformational healing.

Peace & Light,

Kathleen Sales, CBT, CCHT
Ancient Wisdom ~ A Healing Place


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